Is there a possibility to recover deleted messages Facebook?

by Kelvin

Is there a possibility to recover deleted messages Facebook? 3

In some cases, unintentionally, you delete a message in Facebook which is extremely important, and it is at this moment that you wonder if there will be the possibility of recovering them. Unfortunately the answer is no; Facebook has not yet invented a tool that makes it possible to recover deleted messages. You should know that messages are deleted from your tray but not from that of the other contact, so it could be your only option to recover deleted messages Facebook.

Using the SD card to recover deleted messages Facebook

The following option is only valid for those who use Facebook Messenger You will only need to download a file explorer app for Android and the SD card. It will help you explore the folders on your card. "ES Explorer" is the most recommended.


When you enter the folder, look for "SD card" storage. Locate the Android folder and press the Data folder, Once there you will see the folder “com.facebook.orca”, which belongs to Facebook Messenger. Click on it and go to “fb_temp”, there you will find all the backup files, which guarantees the recovery of the messages.

Messages deleted from your cell phone

Some cell phone data is also stored in the memory of your cell phone. Facebook, including deleted messages. Simply connect your cell phone to the computer using a USB cable so you can access the memory of your mobile. Follow the same procedure indicated in the previous point and enter the fb_temp folder.

And if they are archived, can deleted messages be recovered? Facebook?

Archive a conversation in Facebook It consists only of hiding it from your message list. That is to say, these messages are not completely deleted. This tool helps people who want to hide someone's conversation or just archive it until they need it.

Archived messages are found in the Messenger of the Facebook. In the left column, click on the settings icon, select archived conversations and select the conversation you wish to retrieve.

To conclude, it is impossible to recover deleted messages in Facebook and more from the computer. If you regretted having deleted a conversation you will only recover it if the mistake was made on your cell phone.

recover deleted messages facebook on mobile

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