Is this the cheapest mobile rate in the market?

by Kelvin
Is this the cheapest mobile rate in the market?

Current needs in the telecommunications They require new solutions. Users need to be constantly in communication with their friends and family, so it is essential to always have the best market rates. But which is the most economical, and also the one that works best? We have been looking for the cheapest mobile rate From the market. And we have found it.

It has been the OMVs that are present in the market that have moved the card and have launched the best mobile rates that we can find today. Especially when the features are available. However, LlamaYa already has the call 3GB Contract Plan, a rate for our mobile phone that supplies most user needs.


We talk about a rate that includes both calls to different types of phones and mobile data, so we can always be surfing the Internet without the need to be constantly worried about what we do on the net.

It's not just that the Plan 3GB Contract rate is the cheapest in the market. It is also that includes characteristics very interesting.

For example, we have 150 minutes on calls to mobile phones and landlines nationwide, including the establishment of call in the price. If you want to surf the Internet, we have 3 GB of data with 4G speed, which means that we can navigate at full speed through the network, accessing all kinds of content. Finally, we cannot forget the 10 SMS nationals providing the rate. The total cost is 6 euros.

But what if we exceed the available characteristics? CallYou specify the prices available for these cases.

Calls, for example, are charged at 0.07 euros per minute, with a call set-up of 0.29 euros. As for the data connection, if we exceed the established data, only the navigation speed is lowered. There are bonuses Extra 1 GB for 3.5 euros, VAT included. Additional SMS are priced at 0.108 at the national level and 0.133 at the international level.

It may happen that you have more advanced needs, before which we can also find rates that suit users. LlamaYa has many products dedicated to users who want phone calls while surfing the internet.

For example, there is the Plan 7 GB + 150 minutes or the plan 20 GB + unlimited calls. These are just some of the options, since the company has thought about all the needs that should be addressed in a matter of telecommunications. You can select the one you need most on each occasion. Remember that there are promotions in them.

The new needs in telecommunications are forcing companies to launch new tariffs that allow users to be online constantly. However, these communications continue to evolve, especially in Internet connections.

Anyway, companies are putting the batteries to get us constantly communication, but at the same time with fairly cheap prices.

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