Is your Dropbox account disabled? Here's how to fix it


  • There are many cloud services available, but one of the most popular is definitely Dropbox.
  • Not being able to access your account can be a problem, but what can you do if your Dropbox account is disabled?
  • Having additional problems with Dropbox? If so, be sure to visit our Dropbox bugs section for more detailed guides.
  • There are numerous online services, and we cover all kinds of problems in our web applications Hub, so we recommend that you consult it.

Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage services on the market, but some users reported issues with it. According to them, it appears that their account was disabled for some reason.


This can be a big problem, especially if you use Dropbox to store important documents and files, and in today's article, we will show you how you can fix this problem.

What do I do if my Dropbox account is disabled?

1. Why would my Dropbox account be disabled?

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Your account can be disabled for two reasons, inactivity and violation of the Terms of Service.

If your account is inactive for 12 months, it will be deactivated. After an additional 90 days, files will be removed from your Dropbox.

To prevent this from happening, you should have some activity in your account once in 12 months, like uploading, downloading or editing files or folders.

As for breaches of the Terms of Service, this can happen if you upload content that is protected by copyright or any other content that violates the Terms of Service.

2. Contact Dropbox support

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If your account is disabled, there is not much you can do on your own. The first thing to do is try to log in to your account, but if that's impossible, you should contact Dropbox support.

Please note that you may not be able to recover your files as they will be deleted due to inactivity or violations of the Terms of Service.

Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do on your side if your Dropbox account is disabled, so it would be best to contact Dropbox support as soon as possible. If you find this guide helpful, please let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions: Learn more about Dropbox

  • Why doesn't Dropbox work?

There are many reasons why Dropbox doesn't work, but the most common are your antivirus or firewall. In some cases, there may be a problem with Dropbox servers.

  • Will Dropbox delete my files?

Dropbox only deletes your files if you violate the Terms of Service or if your account has been inactive for more than a year.

  • Is Dropbox secure for confidential documents?

Yes, Dropbox is secure for confidential documents, but for an added layer of protection, it may be a good idea to lock your files with a password.

  • Are Dropbox files stored on my computer?

Yes, Dropbox files are stored both in the cloud and on your computer, unless you change sync settings.

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