It is Dusty Depot's key to Fortnite Story for season X?

by Kelvin
It is Dusty Depot's key to Fortnite Story for season X?

We have now noticed that Dusty Depot has changed slowly since then Fortnite Battle Royale Season X begins on August 1, thanks to the eagle-eyed fan.

Fortnite Battle Royale enters its tenth season with Season X, where the return of Dusty Depot makes fans happy to see one of the original POIs added back to the game.


Fans began to speculate that if one POI can return, then another can too. So far it seems Neo Tilted could see another style change how the city is supposed to change from futuristic to wild west.

In addition to the changes, there are reportedly subtle tweaks happening right before our eyes at Dusty Depot that may point to the next chapter in Fortnite Story.

Open the dusty tank box

A Reddit user posted a timelapse video of Dusty Depot starting August 2 and ending August 4 where players can really see small but significant changes.

The time period changes to Dusty Depot in the last days from r / FortNiteBR

Every day you can see that more boxes and construction items are being moved to make room in each warehouse. Then we looked at August 4 that the materials were transferred to the gray warehouse.

Players will also notice that there is now a telescope on the roof of the gray station, pointing directly at the meteorite.

Although we have no hard evidence of what happened at Dusty Depot, we can expect the POI to be included in the Season X story. Loot Lake plays an important role in the Season 9 story where the giant mech could use mystical power. to win your battle against the monsters of the Polar Peak.

Do you have any idea what can be built inside Dusty Depot?

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