It is the object of desire, today it is birthday, and next year it will be of legal age. This is iRobot Roomba

by Kelvin
iRobot Roomba cleaning robot

Do you remember the world from 2002? It was this year that the first phone with a built-in camera appeared, Apple presented the second generation of iPod, and new computers worked under Windows XP. Then another device appeared on the market – the iRobot Roomba.

For many people this may be a surprise, because the iRobot brand was founded in 1990. At first, however, it created only specialized robots. These included Genghis (1991) for space exploration, Ariel (1996) for mine detection and elimination, and Packbot (1998), which was involved in searching the World Trade Center.


iRobot produced many other military and tactical devices, but the housework became the clue of business – vacuuming Roomba and mopping Braava. Since then, Roomba has become an iconic device. The first Roomba appeared on the market in 2002 and … was not the first vacuum cleaner in the world. This name is most often attributed to the Electrolux Trilobite model.

How did the different Roomby differ?

Although the first one was a simple device, it was a breakthrough in the automation of cleaning. Its distinguishing feature was, among others, the presence of two brushes, which to this day do not have most competing equipment.

However, already in 2004 its improved version appeared with better software, a system for detecting impurities and a docking station where the vacuum cleaner could charge. On the other hand, in the 500 series released in 2007, an infrared sensor was added, a modular design allowing for easy replacement of individual parts of the device on your own and a command to return to the docking station.

The 600 and 700 series were the development of the idea of ​​previous vacuum cleaners and are still perfect today. Roomby Series 600 are still available in the iRobot offer, enriched only with modern additions, such as Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to run equipment using the application.

The real revolution was the 800 series, now replaced by the e5. This is where rubber brushes appeared for the first time, which no competition has ever seen. The 900 models have introduced a completely new home mapping system and Wi-Fi connectivity. And the latest models i7, i7 + and s9 + are able to divide the apartment into rooms and clean selected ones and work with the docking station, which itself drains dirt from the vacuum cleaner. It must be emptied only once every three months.

It is the object of desire, today it is birthday, and next year it will be of legal age. This is iRobot Roomba 2

IRobot's greatest achievement is not Roomba. It's a community built around her.

I really think so and there is no exaggeration. I think that Roomba is not only great and helpful home furnishings, but also a kind of phenomenon.

Roomba has become synonymous with a vacuuming robot, just like sneakers and sports smartphones are synonymous with iPhone. This is a huge achievement that shows that iRobot dominated the intelligent cleaning market in its own way.

And anyway, people just love their Roomby. This can be seen on the internet, where people are not amazed at how their robot cleaned the apartment, but record videos of robotic dogs, cats, toys and children. And although a lot of such materials have already appeared on the web, I am convinced that new ones will be created all the time. I will also put it on the network myself, but first I will convince my Maltese that he should not be afraid of Roomby.

* The text partner is iRobot.

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