It seems impossible, but Apple It has lost the third position in the phone market …


With the years Apple has consolidated its position in the smartphone market. Although he does not control this table, he has a solid second position. Of course times have changed and Apple He couldn't keep this up.


After watching Huawei beat Apple, now is the time for other Chinese brands to do the same. This means Apple It has fallen back into the ranking and is now in fourth place in the smartphone market.

It is no secret that the iPhone's sales performance has weakened. Every quarter, brand numbers show that fewer iPhones are sold. Of course, this benefit affects the position Apple in the ranking of smartphone brands.

Apple lost third place in the smartphone market

Second place is the historical position. Apple, at a considerable distance from Samsung. Of course, Huawei has not failed to mark its position and today it is the second best-selling smartphone brand in this segment.

The latest IHS Markit data reveals that the top of the smartphone chart has changed. Now, after Samsung and Huawei are at the top, we have Oppo in third position. The Cupertino brand was downgraded to fourth.

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The data presented shows that there is an overall decline in the smartphone market. This number was reported to have now reached 3%, with Apple experienced a big drop both in the last quarter and compared to the same figure last year.

The reason why Oppo won the iPhone

According to IHS Markit, this pause has logical reasons. This brand is priced high for its smartphone and the prices of previous models are not affordable. IPhone sales are also expected to continue to decline in the coming quarters.

This is not the rest that anyone expects. It is true that iPhone sales are declining, but Oppo is not expected to take a position Apple because surprised