It's a Sunday dedicated to mom

by Kelvin

There may not be flowers on Mother's Day, but there are a thousand ways to make her feel special. Your best ally to achieve it?

Technology, and more specifically, your notebook screen. Acer wants to be a part of the festivities by creating exciting moments from what might happen today. It's an idea you can practice to honor your home warriors this Sunday, which has made these difficult weeks a hopeful one.

  • 1, 2, 3 … and our plan is launched. From the day before we chose the tutorial, we got up early and… started working. Together we made this special breakfast, a simple recipe, but we have never tried it before. Through the laptop screen we follow the step-by-step instructions. The result must be perfect. And .. everyone is sleeping to surprise her!
  • The gift will be special this time. What does he want to receive? Subscribing to online courses is something you know you love most, passing a month to an online yoga or Pilates class, or maybe access to ebook and magazine websites, or a subscription to a basket or surprise box that lets you discover new products.
  • Time zoom! Family and friends wait anxiously. So we connected and the party started. Grandparents, uncles, cousins ​​paraded on the screen. They all sang congratulations and we had a toast. I'm happy!
  • She has a bit of lust. And we know them. We invited her to watch her favorite movie together in bed, or to visit one of the museums she frequented. Maybe we'll do karaoke.
  • For the night we have prepared something special. Spotify sounds from our laptops, low lights, candles lit. We've turned the best space in the house into a living room where great things will happen that day. We startled her with an emotional video where everyone recorded their feelings for her and remembered a very special moment together. From the laptops we remember the camp where he saved our lives or that evening when he arrived with a gift for everyone.

Because making her feel loved is important to everyone!


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