It's happening: Netflix has uploaded 12 hours of loop video with this Stranger Things character

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It's happening: Netflix has uploaded 12 hours of loop video with this Stranger Things character

Dr. Alexei in loop for 12 hours

When Barbara disappeared in that lonely pool in the first season of Stranger Things, fans of the series went crazy. They created tributes to the character, wrote posts about Nancy's marginalized friend and even developed theories about what could have happened to her and if she would go back to the world of the living – yes, sometimes we can be so stiff.

With Alexei, the particular Russian doctor of the third season, we have not reached so much – basically because it was not a supernatural force that ended his life – but it has also been a discovery for the followers of fiction, becoming the new "revelation character" of delivery.

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As you know, this Russian doctor was in charge of the secret project that was looking to reopen the portal to Upside Down and is kidnapped by Hopper to try to get information from him. The grace of the plot is that Alexei just speak russian, thus giving rise to quite peculiar conversations between the police and the investigator ("Without cherry there is no deal"), to such an extent that the viewer ends up taking care of a character who, after knowing him better and seeing his good background, ends being killed by his comrades.

Such is the impact that Alexei's character has had and the fact that he died during the season, that Netflix has wanted to take advantage of the pull and in a nod to his followers, has posted a video on his official channel of YouTube quite peculiar: it is a sequence in which Alexei comes out drinking a hailstorm (imagine that your favorite flavor, cherry), in loop for 12 hours. You have it right below:


Titled “12 hours of Alexei drinking a hailstorm“, The assembly shows us the character are his drink and his straw, drinking all the time for 12 long hours – you can move the cursor through the playback bar and check that the duration of the video is indeed that. In the description of it you can read "In honor of our hero slush drinker."

In the end it is not just another way of advertise the series by Netflix, generating noise (soon it will reach half a million views) so that season 3 reaches more people if possible, but it is still a nice initiative and well seen by the platform.

And you, did you also become an indisputable fan of Doctor Alexei after discovering it in the latest installment of Stranger Things?

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