It's official: there will be a golden amiibo from Shovel Knight

by Kelvin
It's official: there will be a golden amiibo from Shovel Knight

A few days ago a record emerged in a chain of online stores that pointed to a new amiibo of the line of Shovel knight I would be on my way. Well, there was only a short time to make it official, because today Yacht Club Games revealed that Shovel knight It will arrive in its golden version.

This was announced through its website the creator of the franchise. Specifically, it is about Shovel knight with Ornate Plate attire, which gives it that luxurious finish.


As you know, by scanning the amiibo in compatible titles, these figures can give access to exclusive content. That will be the case of Shovel Knight golden edition, since you can get the same that unlocks the original blue amiibo. Thus, it will have compatibility with the games that are coming from the series. Specifically, you can unlock new movements, outfits, levels of cooperative challenges and much more in Shovel of Hope; Fairy of Shovelry in any title of the series, as well as the Baron Set attire in Shovel Knight Showdown.

Although initially confirmed for some stores in the United States, Yacht Club Games hopes that it will also reach more parts of the world. In addition, it is important to mention that it is not an exclusive version, so you will not have trouble finding it. In fact, as it will have the same features as the original edition, the developer considers this amiibo as a "reprint" of the first amiibo.

Also, you should know that this amiibo will be compatible with Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. An important detail is that if you want to use it, this time you will have to open it, since, unlike the original, it will not allow you to scan it while being in the box. The golden amiibo will cost $ 15.99 USD, as it appears on GameStop and will arrive in December.

We leave you with an image of the collectible and the content that will be unlocked in Shovel Knight Showdown.

Golden Shovel Knight amiibo in its box (via GameStop)
Baron Set Outfit for Shovel Knight ShowdownBaron Set Outfit for Shovel Knight Showdown

What do you think of this new figure? Are you excited to buy it? Did you get the first amiibo of the series? Tell us in the comments.

We remind you that if you want to complete your collection of the series of Shovel knight, you will have to get the amiibo from Shovel knight original (blue color) and the package of 3, which includes the Plague Knight, Specter Knight and King Knight and will be available along with the golden amiibo, next December. You can find more news about Shovel knight If you visit this page.

It's official: there will be a golden amiibo from Shovel Knight 1

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