iTunes Radio: Your Arrival Makes Pandora Remove the 40 Hour Limit

by Kelvin
iTunes Radio: Your Arrival Makes Pandora Remove the 40 Hour Limit 1

We could all see, with the arrival of iOS 7, the presentation of iTunes Radio. This streaming music service, from Apple, it should arrive gradually, meanwhile, programs such as Pandora are expectant about the impact that the arrival of the new service in Cupertino may have, both in economic and user terms.

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The Imminent Arrival of iTunes Radio Makes Pandora Eliminate the Free 40-Hour Mobile Limit

Despite the good results reported by Mike Herring, Finance Chief of Pandora, at the last conference to investors, he retains that the departure of the new streaming music service from Apple It will not have repercussions on its own service at the level of loss of users, taking the opportunity to give the news that as of September 1, the free limit of 40 hours per month for mobile devices will be eliminated.

This feature, which has been hated by users, entered into force as of last February of this year. The reason for its implementation was the increase in royalties that society had with record companies, something that only affected 4% of Pandora's total users.

iTunes Radio iPhone 5

The elimination of this limit of 40 hours will arrive, practically, at the same time with the official launch of iOS 7, a strategic move to prevent the inevitable fall of users linked to the use of iTunes Radio.

iTunes Radio Will Be Available Outside the United States Before Pandora

Previously, if users exceeded the 40-hour limit, they would have to make a payment of 99 cents a month through in-app purchases. Due to licensing issues, Pandora is currently available in the United States, such as the iTunes Radio beta, although the latter is expected to start operating worldwide as soon as it is officially launched, in fact, iTunes Radio has already been left See in Spain although for a very short time.

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