James Wan of Aquaman is producing new Van Helsing film

by Kelvin
James Wan of Aquaman is producing new Van Helsing film

Filmmaker James Wan is developing, as executive producer, the new film for Van Helsing for Universal Studios. Next to him, there is also the presence of Julius Avery, from Overlord Operation, who will act as project director.

The new feature film of the character continues the studio’s initiative to rescue classics from the so-called Universal Monsters Pictures for new versions. Remember that actors Edward Van Sloan, Peter Cushing, Anthony Hopkins and Hugh Jackman have brought Van Helsing to life in other films.

The character originated in Dracula, by Bram Stoker. He is described as an extremely skilled and intelligent vampire hunter. The most recent film that brought him to prominence was released in 2004, directed by Stephen Sommers.


While this, which is the last Van Helsing-related film production released in recent years, was not a complete box office failure, negative public reviews led Universal to drop plans for a franchise.

Van Helsing: what to expect from the new movie?

The script for the new film was originally developed by Eric Pearson and will be slightly changed by Julius Avery in later revisions. For now, there aren’t any great details released about what the plot will cover, but we can certainly wait for the classic character hunting monsters in every possible way.

The expectation, however, is that the narrative won’t fall into generic action movie clichés and bring some depth to the screen. With Universal’s onslaught, after the expectations achieved with The invisible man, new movies arrive to foment again what became known as the Dark Universe.

It is the case of The Invisible Woman, from the spin-off of Dracula, Renfield, Dark Army, The Monster Mash and also the wolfman, which will have Ryan Gosling in the cast.

Looking forward to these movies?