Jesse Pinkman returns to the scene with the first teaser of The Way, the Breaking Bad movie

by Kelvin
Jesse Pinkman returns to the scene with the first teaser of The Way, the Breaking Bad movie

Fugitive and with a broken soul. If you are one of those who have seen Breaking Bad in full (surely more than once), you will remember how in the end Jesse Pinkman manages to escape from his captors leaving behind a nightmare and several corpses. The police investigate what happened, and he has no choice but to rebuild his life. But how?

The Road, the Breaking Bad movie


To go forward you don't have to look back. Thus begins the continuation (or the final outcome) of this crazy story that fell in love with thousands of spectators with its plot and the incredible evolution of its characters. Jessy Pinkman rests in the vehicle she used to escape while listening to how the news reports the appearance of several bodies in an area where neighbors reported to police Albuquerque Have heard hundreds of shots.

The authorities have asked all citizens to report on any possible suspect, since it is intuited that the author of the massacre could have escaped. All eyes go to Pinkman, who will have to recover and find a way out as soon as possible. Will you go to Saul Goodman? Will you pay your respects to Skyler?

When is the Breaking Bad movie released?

The Road - Breaking Bad

Netflix has announced that the official premiere of El Camino will be produced on October 11. At the moment this 1 minute clip reveals few details of the plot, so we hope that a new, more complete and content trailer will help us find out what we hope to find in this new adventure.

Something that many fans will be begging for is that this movie does not bother the magnificent final offered by the series, so we will see if opinions are generated about it. Given that the film is in the hands of Vince Gilligan, we should not fear too much, but you know what happens to the second parts, and more when we talk about series and productions that only seek to stretch the gum.

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