Jon Snow passes to The Eternals: Kit Harington will be Black Knight

by Kelvin
Jon Snow passes to The Eternals: Kit Harington will be Black Knight

This is the full cast of Los Eternos

Among the many announcements revealed at the annual Disney event, the great company has had time to devote their attention to The Eternals. As you well know, and if we don't tell you right now, The Eternal are beings superpowerful and virtually immortal created millions of years ago by the Celestials after experimenting with humans in search of a more advanced race.

The characters were created by Jack Kirby to Marvel in 1976 and have long been one of the most anticipated sagas in the cinema by comic book fans. Confirmation that The Eternals would be a film that would be part of Phase 4 of Marvel we already had it and we even knew that the cast would have Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden (also from Game of Thrones, it was Robb Stark!), Kumail Nanjiani, Lauren Ridloff, Brian Tyree Henry, Lia McHugh, Don Lee and Salma Hayek.


Who we did not have on the radar (although something had been rumored previously) was Kit Harington, our beloved Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, who yesterday also confirmed his participation in the film, discovering that he will be responsible for giving life to Black Knight .

With its incorporation, the central group of characters of Los Eternos closes – you have a concept art on these lines, in the image of the tweet -, leaving the distribution as follows -if you click on the links of the names, you can check the tab of each actor in IMDb-:

Kit Harington, as we have already indicated, will be Black knight.

Angelina Jolie will be Thena, cousin of Thanos, can manipulate cosmic energy to increase his life force.


Richard Madden is Ikaris, with psychic abilities.


Kumail Nanjiani will be Kingo SunenHe prefers the samurai-type fight and has a sword that can cut almost any material – image via IGN.

Jon Snow passes to The Eternals: Kit Harington will be Black Knight 2

Salma Hayek will give life to Ajak. It flies, teleports and has the ability to shoot energy rays.


Lauren Ridloff will be responsible for playing Makkari, who can create cyclones running in circles, climb walls and cross the water.


Don Lee will be Gilgamesh, his immense strength makes him one of the strongest Eternal.


Lia McHugh is Sprite, trapped in the body of a child, specialist in the use of illusions.


Brian Tyree Henry will bring life to Phastos, who can regenerate, in addition to handling cosmic energy.


The Eternals, will be directed by Chloé Zhao and will reach theaters in the US next year, on November 6, 2020, and then head to the rest of the countries.

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