Journey begins its journey through the desert on iOS

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Journey inicia su travesía por el desierto en iOS

Sometimes a great game for consoles ends up embracing the ‘boy genre’ and also reaches mobile devices.

It's what just happened with Journey, a visual delight and authentic work of art that was launched in 2012 for PS3 and now lands on iOS. The study that developed it, thatgamecompany, is responsible for other titles for the apple platform, such as Flower or Sky: Children of the Light.

As in these two games, Journey is based on your living a totally graphic experience, in which there is no language of any kind. If you have not played this old acquaintance of the world of consoles, you will surely enjoy losing yourself in the immensity of their scenarios.

At first, you wake up totally alone in the desert and discover that your goal is to get away from it all. Following that saying of ‘walker, there is no way. It makes its way by walking ’, Only halfway you will discover who you are and the real reason for your trip.


In Journey you can play alone or join the adventure with others through Game Center. You can meet other players and help each other, but since this is a game in which there is no language or dialogue, you will not be able to communicate with them in any way.

Journey begins its journey through the desert on iOS

Some cool things you can do are quickly glide through the sand or find pieces of cloths that are blown by the wind and then use them to float or fly for short periods of time. You should also be aware of the bright objects you will find, because they will boost your jumping ability.

Do not lose sight of everything around you. Before you will have the ruins of a forgotten civilization. Little by little you will understand everything and the story will uncover.

Journey It is not only a visual wonder, but also a sound one. In fact, he received a nomination at the Grammy Awards a few years ago in the category of best soundtrack written for visual media, after a great work by the American composer Austin Wintory.

The game is available for iPhone and iPad and can be found in the App Store for 5.49 euros.

Journey begins its journey through the desert on iOS

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