July 9 holiday in SP changes bus, train and subway operations

by Kelvin
July 9 holiday in SP changes bus, train and subway operations

The operation of public transport in companies linked to the Secretariat of State for Metropolitan Transport (STM) will be modified this Friday (9). On the date, which is a holiday throughout the state of São Paulo, the Constitutionalist Revolution Day of 1932 is commemorated.

During the 9th of July holiday, the seven lines operated by the Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos (CPTM) will operate on Saturdays. On Saturday (10) and Sunday (11), circulation will be normal on the weekend, except on Line 12-Sapphire, which is undergoing construction work.

Due to the work, speed will be reduced between Brás and Comendador Ermelino stations, on Saturday, while on Sunday the Paese system will be activated in the stretch between Tatuapé and Comendador Ermelino stations. The works will also stop the Expresso Aeroporto, with line 13-Jade as an alternative.


In operations linked to the Metropolitan Company of Urban Transport (EMTU/SP), the intercity buses in São Paulo, Campinas, Sorocaba and Vale do Paraíba and Litoral Norte will have Sunday hours during the holiday, while the Baixada Santista lines will have a Saturday schedule. . Over the weekend, the operation will be normal at all.

Subway and bikes

Users of the services of the São Paulo Metropolitan Company (Metrô) will also face changes. In this case, lines 1-Blue, 2-Green, 3-Red, 4-Yellow and 5-Lilac will have an equivalent offer on Sundays during the holiday.

Metro operation will be normal on the weekend, except for Line 15. It will be partially shut down on Friday and Sunday, between 4:40 am and 2:00 pm, when passengers will be able to use the free Paese buses between São Mateus and Vila Prudente, but it will work usually on Saturday.

For bicycle users, boarding will be free from Friday to Sunday at CPTM, Metrô and ViaQuatro and ViaMobilidade concessionaires. On trains, boarding must be done in the last car and is limited to four bikes per trip.