KIngdom Hearts III Re: Mind will have a new trailer next week

by Kelvin
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Kingdom Hearts III will receive its first DLC this winter, this piece of content called “Re: Mind” is a direct sequel to the game's base story so you have not yet played Kingdom Hearts III it is recommended that you do not see details of this DLC:

Square Enix showed a teaser trailer for this expansion a couple of months ago, but it is not clear that it will be too clear what it will be all about, with this saga it is never that easy. Apparently next September 9 we will have answers to our questions when the developer shows a new trailer with more details.


KIngdom Hearts III Re: Mind will have a new trailer next week 2

Preparing the ground

It has been the same Square Enix who has made this typical “announcement of an ad” in the official account of Twitter of the game. It is strange the date they have decided to use for the revelation of this trailer since the Tokyo Game Show will begin on September 12 and Square will show the trailer three days before. It is even possible that some surprise is reserved for the event but the developer's plans with this DLC are really a mystery.

???? One week to go! ????

This time next week we'll be releasing a brand-new #KingdomHearts III Re Mind trailer, so make sure you're following us!



Kingdom Hearts III was one of the most anticipated games of the decade, however, the game did not meet expectations, received mostly positive reviews but the hype was too large. The last installment of the saga dispensed with the characters of Final Fantasy and in the end ended the story of Sora in a bittersweet way, therefore this DLC comes to straighten things up a bit, or so fans of the saga expect.

Luckily, a point where the game was winged in all media was the gameplay, the Square Enix title is simply fun, an RPG with real-time action with many magical powers, skills and addictive mini-games. That is why if the DLC brings more of these systems with a better told story, it may fix things a bit for some fans.

Until now it is only known that we can control Roxas and other secondary characters, also that the DLC scenario is alternative to other main story scenarios and that it will not belong to some Disney universe. There will also be bosses and secret areas to be discovered. We leave you the trailer that SE showed in June.

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