Know the prices with Orange

by Kelvin

The new ones iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max they are official, as expected, they get some prices quite high output, so then we will tell you the financing options offered by Orange.

As expected, the new iPhone start at a price of 799 euros so it is very possible that if we want to get hold of any of these new iPhone 11 we choose to finance your purchase.


There are multiple financing offers offered by Orange, but depending on the rate we have contracted, we can Get the terminal at a lower or higher price.

A very important detail to deal with and that we will remember, is that the financing of these terminals is 24 months and not 12, which is usually usual. So we must also weigh if it compensates us to be More than two years with the same terminal.

IPhone 11 prices

Image - iPhones 11: know the prices with Orange
As of today, it is possible to pre-purchase the new devices of Apple either in the official stores of Apple or through the Orange website where We found different financing options.

To request the financing of these terminals, we must take into account that it will be available until September 20. In addition to being able to pre-purchase the new iPhone 11, it is also possible to make the watch reservation, but first we go with the prices of the iPhone 11:

  1. Orange Go or Top Rate: The 64 GB model (costs € 799) would be left at a price of 29.25 euros per month. The top models amount to € 31.25 and € 35.75 in the 256 and 512 GB models of internal storage respectively.
  2. Love rates: the financing would be reduced to 28.95 euros per month in the basic version of the terminal (64 GB). Also, the price of these iPhone 11 256 and 512 GB of storage drops to € 30.95 and € 35.95 per month respectively.

Both prices must be taken into account with the 24 months of financing.

IPhone 11 Pro prices

Image - iPhones 11: know the prices with Orange

The iPhone 11 Pro has a starting price of € 1129. Its price in the different rates of Orange are:

  1. Orange Go or Top Rates: In the basic version of the terminal (64 GB), we would get a price of € 47.75. The higher versions amount to € 49.25 in the case of the 256 that costs (€ 849) and € 58 in the 512 GB of storage that costs (€ 959).
  2. Love rates: prices fall to € 42.95 per month in the 64 GB version, € 48.95 for the 256 GB version and € 57.95 for the 512 GB of internal storage.

IPhone 11 Pro Max prices

Image - iPhones 11: know the prices with Orange

  1. Go or Top Orange Rates: we would stay at an amount of € 46.50 per month in its basic version of 64 GB, which has a cost of € 1,239. In the 128 versions, 512 GB of storage has a cost of € 53 and € 62 per month respectively.
  2. Love Orange Rates: we can enjoy the iPhone 11 Pro Max for € 46.50 per month, in its 64 GB version that costs € 1,239. The prices of the other versions is € 52.95 per month for the 256 GB version and € 61.95 for the 512 GB version of storage.

Prices Apple Watch series 5

Image - iPhones 11: know the prices with Orange

The new Apple Watch As we have shown you previously with its terminals, it is possible to finance it since it has an exit price of 549 for the 40mm version and € 579 for the 44mm version.

  1. Go or Top Orange Rate: for € 12.75 we can finance the Apple Watch if we have one in the 40 mm version and 14 euros for the 44 mm version.
  2. Love Orange Rate: we can get the Apple Watch for € 19.50 and € 20.50 per month respectively. However, we must take into account that the financing of all these financing is 24 months, so we will have to make calculations and see if in our case we compensate or not the prices offered by the Orange company.

We must emphasize that for those who enjoy a rate Love Expert, Max Expert, Love Business 3 and 5 will enjoy mobile insurance, in this case the iPhone 11 of 6 months for free.

This insurance includes several interesting advantages such as the replacement with franchise of our mobile in less than one working day in case of theft or theft, replacement of the screen in case of fall …

As we have treated throughout the article, those customers who have a more complete rate get a better price In Orange, so sometimes, we must assess whether to change company to a plan of this type of rates, or instead stay with our current company and try to lower, as in this case the financing month by month for 24 months

These are some of the most interesting offers of the moment if we are customers of Orange, and still it is more if we have any of these rates since the prices of the new iPhone 11 They are high and therefore, it is a simple way to get hold of the terminal without suddenly disbursing everything that it costs us.

What do you think? Will you make the pre purchase through Orange?

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