Lamp from mosquitoes, part 2: Utorch – he is a camping lamp with 18650/21700 batteries

by Kelvin
Lamp from mosquitoes, part 2: Utorch - he is a camping lamp with 18650/21700 batteries

Last time I talked about another mosquito lamp. Can this lamp help in the fight against them or will it be another example of a waste basement slag? I propose to see what happens.

The price tag for the lamp is quite democratic, on the gearbest it goes somewhere for 11 bucks.


Packaging and appearance.

Box with a la fix-price design. Absolutely basement level, almost the worst of what I saw. A lot of mistakes and frankly meaningless phrases. No specifications, nothing. This is immediately indicative, it can be seen that this is just branding of some kind of outbred thing – moreover, a quick search yielded the same thing (only without the Utorch inscription) on Ali. Well, at least the box protects the lamp somehow.

Included is the lamp itself and a short charging cable.

If we evaluate the design and build quality of the lamp by eye, then it is located somewhere between “okay, get off” and “yes something is not a fountain”. So, of course, this thing was created in order to kill, and not to please the eye, and the design is secondary here. But still, the budget of the packaging without gaps goes into the budget of the lamp itself. Here it is.

But if you take the lamp in your hands, then the rating falls even lower. And here I would put a solid “shitty”, mainly due to the fact that plastic is cheap to the touch

Well, if in order.

At the top is a carabiner for suspension.

The same top is curled, allowing access to the battery compartment. It is too wide for the 18650 power supply and to correct this shortcoming, the manufacturer stuffed a small plastic adapter cylinder there. The most common battery in my opinion is the Litokalovskiy rejection of the 3400mah NCR18650B of Panasonic coming into it very lapping. Yes, with regard to rejection – there is no obvious difference with non-rejection, well, there may be a larger variation in capacity. I order a lot of them, usually there are 3250-3350. And this makes this inexpensive 18650 battery with aliexpress the best (in my opinion) choice for budget low-current devices with 18650 power.

But! in fact, everything is even more interesting here, the diameter of the shaft makes it possible to cram a 21700 battery there without problems. He becomes there like a glove. And since it has a much larger capacity, 4000mah, and the current output is higher, I recommend stopping at this type of power supply, since the price tag for this battery is comparable to the above NCR18650B. By the way, he also remarkably becomes cheap zooms. Here is a modelI'm talking about

Here, in fact, in the slots between the protection, a wire is visible, which is energized. The lamp separately indicates that children should not be given, their fingers will crawl through the protection.

On top are the very LEDs that should shine with blue beckoning mosquitoes.

Below, in the widest part of the body, there are 2 buttons: off-on and switching between 2 modes of camping light and switching on the actual anti-mosquito mode (blue light + electricity). They can be run at the same time.

There is a charging connector on the opposite side, and efforts must be made to close it securely and tightly.

The lampshade is relatively thin, twists without problems. There is even a sealing ring so that water does not get inside, if there is a need to wash off mosquito corpses (if they are there)

As a source of light acts some disgusting looking COB.

In short, the packaging is disgusting, the appearance from the side is so-so. Build quality is close to the basement. Well, all this can be forgiven if the lamp at least works, then the design issue will not be important at all – if only mosquitoes are dead like flies.

In work

functional 1. Camping lamp. 2 brightness levels, in principle, for a tent, it will do, for highlighting a table, too, if your eyes are already used to the dark. you don’t read the book here, but you can eat or play cards there.

It is clear that there is no stabilization, the brightness decreases as the discharge. This is especially evident in the maximum mode, which drops to half in a couple of minutes. Basically, I’ll be in the lens, there’s no chance that your eye will notice a drop in brightness of 0.1% in a minute, visually until some distant moment the light will appear to you at the same level of brightness since the eye will adapt to the dark as it falls slightly .

Here I have no complaints, in this mode it shines for a long time and the device here is quite well-founded as a simple camping lamp. Hang over the table over the cottage – the brightness is enough for the eyes to eat and / or play cards, not to mention the volume of the tent.

The video below will show how it shines in this mode.

functional 2. Lamp against mosquitoes.

promise a wavelength of 360-400nm. Checked on a banknote. my naklyuchnik highlights protective elements, a lamp from mosquitoes, as expected, just shines in blue.

So, I leave the lamp for the night in a place definitely saturated with mosquitoes, they are there even in the afternoon during the day are very plentiful in quantity.

Well what to say. Does it kill mosquitoes and midges? Yes, it kills. Does she lure them into her own world? not at all. 2 crazy midges that adhered to the bars in a couple of hours are an excellent indicator of the complete failure of this device as a mosquito protector.

Here, see the review.

General impressions

You can’t call this lamp frankly useless: after all, in the camping lamp mode you can still use it somewhere in the country (there’s no reason to take a shit like coconut the size of a camping lamp). The question is that for the same thing you can take a very good thing and sharpened just under the light -.

Mosquitoes are triumphing, this yutorch is dangerous for them only if you foolishly fly right through, through the bars.

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