Larvitar Pokémon Community Day GO Guide

by Kelvin
Larvitar Pokémon Community Day GO Guide 1

Larvitar Pokémon Community Day GO Guide 2

This is the Larvitar Community Day Guide for Pokémon GO. Community Day Pokemon GO lasts a few hours, but it's not a long time when it comes to finding a perfect catch. Players are quickly catching dozens of Pokémon and trying to keep track of what to conserve, what garbage, and which to evolve. The use of the Evaluation function and the calculator IV applications only takes a few seconds, but in the limited time event, each moment is valuable.

Larvitar Pokémon Community Day GO Guide

Coaches who are dedicated to finishing the day with a perfect Larvitar IV for their collection can use this image to quickly refer to the perfect CP associated with each level. Take a look at the image, created by UIO Value Team :


Larvitar Pokémon Community Day GO Guide 3

Keep in mind that becoming obsessed with 100% IV breeds is something that only the most hardcore players in the PoGO world really care about. If you are not a min-maxer or a numeric cruncher, there is still a lot to enjoy about Community Day without worrying about chasing the perfect ones. Regardless of where you are, the possibility of adding a perfect Tyranitar to the collection is very exciting, especially if it can be brilliant. Here we expect clear skies this weekend and a successful event for everyone involved.

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