Leakage: Trump tried to prevent black population from voting

by Kelvin
Leakage: Trump tried to prevent black population from voting

An investigation carried out by British television news Channel 4 News revealed that Donald Trump, current president of the United States, acted during the election campaign of 2016, the year he was elected, to prevent certain groups from appearing at the polls. More specifically, the black population of the United States.

According to the vehicle, a database used by the politician contained a collection of files on approximately 200 million US citizens, with information showing what they knew and what they did.

Among them, it was found that, alongside the profile of 3.5 million listed as “black”, there was the annotation “deterrence” – a military technique of intimidation or verbal attack to make “enemies” stop acting.


The complete article on the subject, according to the Channel 4 News, will be aired this Monday (28), at 4 pm (Brasilia time). “Donald Trump has long been accused of ignoring the voices of millions of black Americans. Now we reveal how he actively tried to silence them,” the call reads.

Update – 29/09/2020

The British public television channel Channel 4 News yesterday published the full investigation into the big leak about the campaign tactic allegedly used by Trump in 2016 in the US. You can follow the full material in the video below.