Leaked video shows Android running on a standard phone

by Kelvin
Leaked video shows Android running on a standard phone

The staff of 9To5Google posted a video on YouTube, from a regular phone supposedly running an adapted version of Android. According to the site, the device was manufactured by Nokia and, as we can see in the video, in the settings part, it is called “GAFP”, which could be an acronym for “Google Android Feature Phone. Android, in Portuguese). The system version would be 8.1.

THE 9To5Google I had already stated that Google could be working on a version of Android adapted for non-touch screens, which could include ordinary mobile phones. At that time, the evidence was present in the Chromium source code. However, by early September, the references appear to have been removed from the browser, implying that the company has dropped out of the project.


Watch the video and see how many Google apps are part of the system:

There is also the Proxx app, first shown during the Google I / O Conference, which is a clone of the Minesweeper game. The purpose of the app is to demonstrate how an app can be adapted to run on many different platforms, ranging from the most complex to the simplest.

By 2018, Google had already invested $ 22 million in KaiOS, which is based on the extinct FirefoxOS, and was compatible with most of the company's apps that are featured in the cited video, including popular ones like Facebook and WhatsApp. That said, it is assumed that Google preferred not to compete with KaiOS.

In any case, we cannot be sure of the information, as Google did not speak up.

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