Learn how to connect your smartphone to a TV

by Kelvin
Learn how to connect your smartphone to a TV 1

Connecting your phone to a TV allows you to watch videos downloaded from Google Play, show photos to friends, play on a larger screen, and more. This connection is very simple and can be done in many ways.

Often the cable you already have at home, or even a wireless solution, may be what you need to watch series, video YouTube, travel photos and more on the big screen. See all methods and tips below.


How to connect your smartphone to television using Chromecast

Many users use Chromecast, a mirroring device, and connect Google to verify their content smartphones on TV To be compatible with Google Home, the technology that controls Chromecast, your device must be running Android KitKat 4.4.4 or higher AND of course your TV must have USB and HDMI inputs to use one of the device versions.

The mirror symbol appears in the quick shortcut bar or at the top of the applications that support Google Cast, such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, etc. This is a rectangle with waves at an angle. Just connect your device to the device and enjoy your favorite content.

Connect your smartphone to the TV with the help of Chromecast / © AndroidPIT

You can also download the app from Google Home and immediately mirror it. This option also applies to those who have Nexus Play, Android Box or Mini PC.

Download the official Google Home application from the following button:

Google home page

How to connect your smartphone to television using an HDMI cable

To connect your smartphone to your TV via an HDMI input, you will need a quality HDMI cable, as well as an adapter that connects your smartphone's micro USB input to an HDMI cable (almost all video card manufacturers) . smartphones have one available, and any brand cable does the job), also called an OTG cable.

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After the phone is connected to the cable TV, simply select the source on the TV screen. To do this, press the command button labeled "Font" or "Font" (sometimes only represented by symbols with arrows pointing to the frame). When you select "HDMI", the TV will display the current screen of the smartphone.

How to connect your smartphone to a TV via Wi-Fi

In order to connect your smartphone to the TV via wireless signals, your TV must have access to Wi-Fi (generally Smart TV compatible) and your smartphone enables this option via Miracast or similar technology.

To find out if your smartphone has this feature, open the quick settings menu and open "Screen Mirroring" or "Cast" (names may change depending on manufacturer). Then do the following:

  • Using your television source ("Source" button or arrow symbol mentioned above), also select the wireless display / monitor option;
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  • Open the screen mirroring option on your smartphone. Your smartphone will start searching for other devices connected to the Wi-Fi network through this function. Select the TV you have connected to the network;
  • After the two devices recognize each other, you can see on the TV screen everything it does on the smartphone screen.

Some applications allow you to connect your cell phone to your TV screen automatically. In general, this type of application is related to videos and images, such as YouTube or image gallery.

In this type of application, we find the button in the upper right where two connection screens or a Wi-Fi screen and signal appear. Clicking on it will automatically recognize the nearest Smart TV and establish a connection. on the device of your choice.

So are you connecting your smartphone with your TV? What is your favorite shape?

The purpose of this article is to bring together all the tips to avoid connecting your smartphone to a television. Therefore, this article will need to be updated and republished over time.

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