Learn how to hack Android WiFi

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Learn how to hack Android WiFi 1

Learn how to hack Android WiFi 2

If you are looking for a way to decode the WiFi key of your Android mobile here we will show you how to do it. There are several ways to achieve this and one of them is through the use of applications created to hack WiFi. In the same way it will help you to know how easy it is to decipher your own network and so you can protect it better.

What are the apps for hacking WiFi?

These applications are legal and very useful since they help us to verify if our network is really protected from intruders. It also allows us to recover the key of our WiFi in case it has been lost or forgotten.

These apps can also be used to decrypt foreign WiFi keys, but this is considered a crime. Therefore, if you download them, use it sensibly and do not fall into provocations.

Meet some of the best WiFi applications Android hack

· Wifi Kill – Disconnect Intruders

Excellent app to detect if there are intruders attached to your network and disconnect them in a very simple way. In a few words, locate the intruder and expel him from your network.

· WPS connect – Decrypt Wifi Keys

For the Android operating system this app it is one of the best. You can find Wifi key of many routers without any inconvenience.


· Wifi WPS Wpa Tester – WPA Keys

This app works on rooted mobiles using it you can hack any private internet network. No matter how difficult your password is. In the same way you can discover if your network is well protected.

to hack WiFi you can use Wifi WPS Wpa Tester


Hack WiFi without using programs or applications

Before going to these applications if all you want is to get free internet you can try entering open networks. Open networks or without passwords can be accessed with the help of a long-range WiFi antenna. These antennas are normally able to detect free networks that are 10 to 20 km from it.

Anyway, ideally, you would only use the applications to recover your own password or to know how secure it is. But if you really want to use the internet without paying then you can use the antenna or the applications.

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