learn how to protect your data from internet hackers

by Kelvin

IP is the identification number of PCs, so it is important for the user to know its properties and protect it to prevent online attacks.

Accessing the internet requires a huge amount of information that many users are unaware of. Among this information, the IP, or Internet protocol ("Internet protocol" in literal translation) is one of the most important. Basically, the IP is an identification number that each computer has when connecting to the internet and can be identified by almost any website.


The problem is that less experienced people in the virtual environment may end up falling for tricks and fraud because they do not understand the importance of protecting the environment. IP. That's why you need to know how the internet works, preventing your data from falling into the hands of cybercriminals. One such solution is the use of a VPN, or Virtual Private Network (“Virtual Private Network” in literal translation), which can help to protect, in addition to IP, your most important data.

How does IP work?

As soon as you access a web page, your identification number (IP) is sent to the site. With this data, the sale sites, for example, can offer products according to the user's region, because, as well as the code, the location is also informed.

Internet Protocol serves as computer IDInternet Protocol (IP) serves as the computer ID

While browsing, you probably have come across advertisements from stores in your area. This is because websites use your IP to find out even the hired internet service provider. Who created this advertisement is not an incredible hacker, as it is information that is poorly protected and available. Either way, that's not good, especially in an age where data leaks multiply and they're traded without people knowing.

If people know my IP, am I in danger?

The answer is no, because each site accessed has the number of the IP of your visitors. If that were enough for a leak, the internet would not be a safe place for anyone. Fortunately, this is not true, and there are effective methods to protect yourself, preventing people in bad faith from stealing your important data.

When you access a website, it automatically has access to information such as a visitor's location and internet provider.When you access a website, it automatically has access to information such as a visitor's location and internet provider.

Know more about your IP is the first step to prevent attacks from hackers. Nor should one rely solely on basic protections such as the firewall, for example.

Understand the most common scam involving IP

Hackers can leverage unprotected IPs to deliver cyber scamsHackers can leverage unprotected IPs to deliver cyber scams

We cite the router because it is precisely a gateway to cyber attacks. The criminal can use the DNS, or Domain Name System (“Domain Name System” in Portuguese), which is a tool that "translate" O IP to the website you access via the browser.

If your router does not have a password or has been leaked, a hacker can send a DNS malicious hacking that will cause your access to a bank website, social network or something of value to be redirected to a pirate page that mimics the real thing. Without realizing it, users end up entering their passwords and personal data, which will be copied and the scam is ready to be consummated. This crime is called DNS hijacking and can give you a huge headache.

Beware of router and suspicious Wi-Fi networks

Always be careful when setting up your internet router to not allow breaches. This same tip is for signal repeaters. Other important information is to avoid wifi networks suspicious on the street, even if you're in a first-world country where everything seems safer.

The Benefits of Virtual Security VPN

THE VPN It is a program similar to antivirus, but with a different function: it protects your browsing by hiding data, like itself IP. You can even place as your internet gateway location a different city or even country.

Being able to navigate hidden is quite a positive thing. In addition, you can access websites and platforms as if you were from another country, and you can use online services available only abroad. Prices are usually very affordable and plans paid on a semiannual and annual basis are even more affordable.

More tips to avoid scams

There are several tips in this field that can be given to you not to suffer a possible scam on the internet, which unfortunately have grown. In addition to hiring a VPN For safer browsing, you need to make sure that the internet password is strong. Use upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters such as exclamation, tic-tac-toe, or question mark.

IP Protection - 3Use special characters in Wi-Fi password

This is because, in addition to the scam mentioned above, a hacker can seamlessly enter your network and see which devices are connected. This facilitates information leakage, whether via mobile phone, video game, tablet or computer.

Don't forget to change passwords often, and rely on programs that help you get device and navigation protection, such as a VPN. Also let your firewall on time, making the necessary updates. By following these tips, you can surf the web more easily, knowing that your data will be safe.

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