Learn how to send items safely with the eBay app

by Kelvin
Learn how to send items safely with the eBay app

Learn how to send items safely with the eBay app 3

Today we use Amazon for everything, since it has positioned itself as the best website of the Network to make purchases. But at the beginning of the Internet there was another site that dominated the business of buying and selling online and also among users. Founded in 1995, 23 years ago nothing less, eBay is one of the pioneers of the Network in terms of online auctions and has also managed to capture the business of stores that sell online. Anyone who adheres to the rules of the web can become eBayer and sell something as easy as Wallapop.

Choose the perfect box to send something

With the title in 2010 of "the world's most fake website" to give an idea of ​​its importance on the World Wide Web, eBay also has a smartphone app that has just been updated with one of those functions that we can use independently even if we are not going to sell anything for the site: An AR sorter of boxes to send objects.


The new AR feature of the eBay app

Yes, it sounds weird, but in reality it is very simple: imagine that you want to send a helmet, a game console or a decorative object and you encounter the problem that none has the original box. Wrapping a helmet can be complicated, and therefore eBay has updated its Android app with an augmented reality function built using Google’s ARCore platform, which provides AR functions available to any developer who wants to use them.

What box is ideal?

As we have seen other times with apps like Ikea, when activating the function and aiming at the object a series of boxes will appear on the mobile screen to choose from. When you select one, this ‘Will cover’ the object and give us a vision of how it would look What we want to send in the box. In this way we can get an idea of ​​the size we should use and be safe.

Learn how to send items safely with the eBay app 4

This service has been released for the moment with the USPS boxes of the United States Postal Service, and does not yet include other agencies such as the Spanish Post Office, although given the popularity of eBay worldwide and if the function is successful, it is likely that the Other popular shipping agencies in each country are added. At the moment we are left with the function itself and its usefulness when we have to send something and do not know what type of box to put it in.

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