Learn how to share Google Calendar with others

by Kelvin

Sharing Google Calendar is easy, fast, and makes life so much easier. Check step by step

THE Google Calendar (or Google Calendar) is one of the most popular electronic calendar apps. This is due to ease of appointment management, integration with email and other applications, and more.


In addition to these basic functions, you can also share the Google Calendar and see between a team, group of friends, etc. With this sharing, depending on the level of access granted, members can view and receive notification and better manage events.

The advantages of this function are several. An example is the fact that someone may be able to arrange a meeting / meeting /happy hour with a group of people easily (without having to make those confusing lists in Whatsapp, for example). This sharing is also ideal for when you create a specific calendar and for something like tasks to be delivered, college exams, etc.

How to share Google Calendar?

First, to share the Google Calendar You must be logged in from your computer, meaning you cannot share from your app. When opening the calendar, go to the left menu and choose which calendar you want to share. Then hover over it and click on the three dots that appear in front of the name.

Share Google CalendarOn my left, look for the calendar you want to share, hover over it and click on the three dots

By clicking on the three dots, a menu of options appears. You must click “Settings and Sharing”.

Share Google CalendarWhen the options appear, click "Settings and Sharing."

You are then directed to the settings page. It has the option of making it available to the public, which generates a shareable link, or sharing with specific people. For sharing with specific people, you should click “Add people”.

Share Google CalendarTo share with specific people, click "Add People"

When you do this, a window opens and you must enter an email or name (if you are a contact) to define the person with whom you will share. Next, you must set this person's permission on the calendar. The options are:

  • “View only available / busy levels (hide details)”: lets the person only know if you are free on the day / time or not, without being able to view their tasks;
  • “View details of all events”: allows those with access to see all your appointments in detail;
  • “Make changes to events”: allows the person to change calendar events, such as setting new dates, changing descriptions, etc .;
  • “Make changes and manage sharing”: Allows the person with the access to, in addition to changing events, to share or remove access for others.
Share Google CalendarYou have to choose how much access the person will have to your calendar.

To share with more than one person, you can enter all email together at the given location. In this case, they will have the same permission. To set different permissions you have to share separately and add the groups of people according to the permissions (just click “Add people” as soon as you finish adding the previous ones).

Share Google CalendarYou can share Google Calendar with multiple people and give them different access.

How to unshare Google Calendar?

To cancel sharing, the procedure is extremely simple. Just click the "x" that appears next to the person you shared the calendar with and you're done.

Share Google CalendarTo cancel sharing, simply click the “x” next to the person's name.

In general, it is likely that in the coming years, electronic calendars will become increasingly part of our daily lives. Likewise, more and more functions must be added or increased, allowing use to be increasingly practical and technology to do what it does best: making our lives easier.

Source: Google Support.

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