Learn to change default Android storage

by Kelvin

Learn to change default Android storage 3

Currently, one of the most recurring problems is the issue of lack of space, despite the availability of capacity on the MicroSD card. Here you will find out how to free up space on your phone, and pass it to the storage card, learning to change default Android storage.

Why is the information saved on your phone?

You may have had an insistent message, indicating that you have little space left, and you must free memory of the device.


This happens because, both the applications that come by default on the mobile device, or the ones we install, all are stored in the phone memory, by default.

In the same way we must remember that the equipment, normally does not bring a MicroSD card, that is why the manufacturer will then configure the storage in the internal memory of the phone.

Steps to change default Android storage

commands to change default android storage

To be able to vacate the internal memory and pass the majority of information, to your external storage card, you must follow these very simple instructions, They will help you free up space.

You just have to go to the settings menu of your phone, you will look for the option to manage the applications, all the applications will appear, that is when you can select one by one, and press the option: move to the MicroSD card.

In this way all applications will be saved, from now on, in the external storage of the phone, when changing default Android storage.

Tips to save phone space

When mobile devices begin to throw memory problems, you can apply these very easy recommendations that will help you with your problem.

Try to change the location, to the MicroSD card, of the photos, videos, downloads, images, and other files that may occupy an important space, in the default storage of android.

You can also change the storage location of the files that applications store, for example: Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, among others, this way your cellular equipment will be released much more.

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