Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet: is it not a wallet ?! Full review, setup and crypt for free!

by Kelvin
Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet: is it not a wallet ?! Full review, setup and crypt for free!

Hello! Today, let's look at the Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet, which by and large is not. However, about everything in order. To begin with, as usual, I suggest watching a full video review, and only then go to the text part of the publication. Go!


The device comes in a small white box on which is the image of the hardware storage wallet itself. The box must be sealed in the factory film, as the safety of your cryptocurrencies will depend on this.

On the back of the box are the main characteristics of the device. An interesting point is the service life, which is 1 year. Of course, the life of the wallet is much longer. If the device fails or is lost for some reason, access to cryptocurrencies will still be preserved.

The device itself is presented in the form of a flash drive with a microUSB interface for connecting to a computer. There is also a display and two buttons to confirm actions. The wallet is made of high-quality plastic and metal, on which the company engraving is applied. It is really nice to hold the device in your hands and the quality of performance is really felt.

The first time you connect, you must set a password, which can consist of 4 to 8 digits. After you need to re-confirm the password. The third stage is the longest and most important process for recording 24 control words to restore the device. Knowing these words allows you to recreate a copy of the wallet and gain access to cryptocurrencies. This is necessary to restore the device in case of loss or failure of it.

Opening the wallet, you get access to the settings where you can change the brightness of the display, turn it over or invert the image. Navigation through the menu is carried out with the help of buttons, with simultaneous pressing of which the action is confirmed. After installing Leger Live on your PC, you will be able to download up to 5 confirmation programs to your devices.

All actions for receiving and sending cryptocurrencies are carried out in the Leger Live program, and the physical device is responsible for confirming the action, without which access to cryptocurrencies cannot be obtained.

So, to get started, you need to download the desired cryptocurrency wallet to the device, and to be more precise, the verification program, then add this cryptocurrency to the Ledger Live program. Next, by logging into the cryptocurrency account and clicking on “Recive”, you need to confirm the action on the physical device, after that you can see the wallet address to which the cryptocurrency should be sent. The address must also be confirmed by pressing the device button.

In the application, you can view the analytics and price dynamics of the cryptocurrency portfolio. It is a cold storage wallet, in an external digital signature to confirm actions. As you can see, I already transferred my cryptocurrency there, which I collected for free on cryptocurrency cranes and the exchange in the FreeCoins section. All links to sites where I collect cryptocurrency will be lower. Moreover, some faucets began to pay a complex daily percentage for the cryptocurrency you collected. I advise you to register on all these taps and collect cryptocurrency, as I am absolutely free.

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Summing up, we can say that Ledger products are rather a combination of really convenient software for storing cryptocurrencies and an external physical device, with the help of which all actions with your assets are confirmed, which allows you to reliably protect them from unauthorized access and write-offs.

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