Lenovo returns to the office by patenting a folding smartphone "to taste" (photo)

by Kelvin
Lenovo returns to the office by patenting a folding smartphone "to taste" (photo) 1

We can say that the situation of folding smartphones at the moment is like that of the mountain that started a mouse: in the face of a flood of patents and different ideas at the moment, very little has arrived on the market – not to say practically nothing. Compared to other rivals Lenovo has distinguished itself for having announced one of the most promising projects with the resurrection of the Motorola RAZR series and thanks to the launch of the first laptop with a folding screen.

In these days a new certification for a two-point folding smartphone that seems to want has emerged, about a year later to elaborate the famous clamshell closure. In reality, the device in question, as shown in the images attached to the patent, appears to have two hinges that allow it to be used choose how to close the display. As you can see in the gallery at the end of the article in fact the screen can be closed almost completely, leaving just the space for notifications, or it can remain a bit discovered, thus allowing a minimum operation. If unrolled instead the phone acquires the dimensions of a tablet.


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The certification then reports the presence of a fingerprint reader on the back and a front and rear camera. It may seem small at this time, especially when compared to the 6 sensors promised by Samsung Galaxy Fold and the 4 of Huawei Mate X. Although this could be revised before the finalization of the project, Lenovo could actually point to to contain costs in order to be able to offer your brochure for around € 1,500 decidedly less than € 2,000 and competition passes. To avoid stepping on your feet by yourself anyway the launch could be set for the first half of 2020, or at a distance of a few months from the much anticipated Motorola RAZR.

Source: Let's Go Digital

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