Lenovo Smart Display 7: more compact Google Assistant with more features

by Kelvin
Lenovo Smart Display 7: Kompakterer Google Assistant mit mehr Funktionen

Picture: Lenovo

With the Smart Display 7 Lenovo brings a new smart screen Google Assistant Because of its compact size, it can be used in virtually any location in the home or in the house.

Front stereo speaker and new light sensor

For the Smart Display 7, Lenovo places the speakers below the display, which reduces the width. This should also contribute to a thinner frame around the display itself. The 675 gram device comes on dimensions of 155 × 176 × 83 mm (W × H × D). The 7-inch display dissolves with 1,024 × 600 pixels.


In addition, forward-looking stereo speakers with 5 watts of power each and a passive radiator are used, which should sound much better than the previous solutions, according to Lenovo's explanations to the IFA 2019. In addition, the new model offers not only an ambient brightness sensor, but an ambient light sensor, which not only automatically adjusts the brightness of the display, but also the color temperature. The processor is a MediaTek 8167S with 1.5 GHz. In addition to Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi for 802.11ac with 2.4 and 5 GHz is also supported.

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YouTube, Photos and video calls are supported

Unlike the Lenovo Smart Clock, which offers hardly any multimedia features on the 4-inch display, Lenovo Smart Display 7 can not only YouTubeVideos, but also the images saved on Google Photos or video calls are made. Two physical switches can optionally be used to separate the microphone and the camera on the hardware side or to cover the 2 MP camera with a cover to protect against unwanted video recordings in any case.

Price and availability

The Lenovo Smart Display 7 is expected to be offered in November this year for 129.99 euros in Germany.

The Lenovo Smart Display 7 expands the company's line of smart displays. With the Lenovo Smart Display 8 and 10 (test) Lenovo already offers models with 8-inch and 10-inch displays, while the Lenovo Smart Clock (test) has a smart alarm clock with wake-up light function a 4-inch display, which has many limitations, but is dictated by Google's smart display platform.

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