Let's talk about the ISO image Windows 8

by Kelvin

Let's talk about the ISO image Windows 8 3

Windows It is the most used operating system for computers worldwide. There is no doubt about it since most of the equipment brings a version of this factory installed company. This without the total acceptance by all users in the world. Many have been the versions that have emerged and the updates started by the eighth version. In this way we present the ISO image Windows 8.

A version that started with big changes

ISO image Windows 8 so


Over the years it is obvious that each company wants to update its operating system. When did the Windows XP many people used it for a long time and it took him to go to another plane. This is due to all the news we find in this version and its versatility for the functions. Over time the Windows View that was not widely accepted by the beneficiaries.

However, when the seventh version emerged, many returned to trust the company. So much so that it served as an inspiration for developers and that they could create Windows 8. This version brought major changes accepted and others criticized. But without a doubt it was the beginning for what today is Windows 10.

Characteristics of Windows 8

As we have said, this was a version that completely changed the way we see the OS of Windows. At first it seemed to have everything to offer a fully touch screen, which was a breakthrough.

This version also used the best of the system to offer the highest quality to users. Both to run files, perform various processes and allows you to use the application store of Windows In a simple way. In addition the changes made to the account will be managed directly by the Hotmail account and much more.

About the ISO image Windows 8

ISO image Windows 8

The ISO is a kind of special file used to store data that would normally be on a CD or DVD. This version of Windows It is available through this image and it is certainly one of the great advances that it brought Windows for system update.

You can download it for free from the same page of Windows and also later versions. To run it you will need a virtual disk generator such as Virtual Clone Driver, UltraISO or another. Once this is done, add the ISO image Windows 8 to the CD drive created. Follow all the instructions that the program tells you to install and enjoy this version.

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