LG: a patent shows a new type of leaflet

by Kelvin
LG: un brevetto mostra un nuovo tipo di pieghevole

After the recent rumors, about a possible "Galaxy Fold 2 ”, which speak of a possible folding smartphone that refers to typical shell phones; some interesting patents have been filed by LG. The concept shown in the patent reminds in some ways that of the prototype of Xiaomi, but at the same time it has some interesting differences.

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The patents dl LG, published by the portal of Letsgodigital, show a smartphone with three hinges. In some ways it seems to remember the prototype shown a few months ago by Xiaomi, but instead of having two "wings" to close on the back, it smartphone patented by LG he folded on himself with a kind of Z closure. In this way the cameras remain available, positioned on the side edge of the smartphone / tablet, and it is possible to use the central part of the screen. Once closed, the device also allows thehousing of a special nib.

But that's not all, in fact LG it seems to have made a second patent showing a device with a rollable screen. In fact, the device has no external display, a screen that is inserted inside the smartphone. To use the display in the concept there are two usage scenarios: the first is wrapping the display around the smartphone using it "normally", the second instead is using it in tablet mode extending the entire display.

Of the two patents, certainly the most easily implemented is the first. At the moment though LG has not yet shown interest in the field of folding devices. It should be remembered that the patents filed by the companies are not always used for the realization of devices intended for trade. But maybe LG could surprise us by the end of the year or early 2020. Which of these two concepts do you prefer?

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