LG AI will let you know if you are using the refrigerator incorrectly

by admin-kervin
LG AI will let you know if you are using the refrigerator incorrectly

The operation of the refrigerator can be a mystery. Do you have the right temperature? Is it time to call the technician? All these concerns will be simplified with the dynamics proposed by the LG AI.

LG will present the dynamics of its Proactive Customer Care which takes advantage of the potential of AI to offer intelligent assistance to users who opt for some selected LG home products.

For example, LG will use AI to monitor the status and performance of the user's refrigerator. It can analyze its temperature and detect any sudden changes. From there, you can alert the user to adopt certain measures or implement good practices in the use of the refrigerator to increase its performance.

This assistance will be present from the moment of installation, through an activation process from the app. Users will receive reports in their emails with data on the condition of the refrigerator, if a problem has been detected, possible solutions or maintenance reminders.

So the user will not have to guess if the refrigerator is working properly or if there is a problem that could be aggravated if the technician is not called on time. Just check your email and take a look at LG AI reports.


This dynamic will apply only to some products in selected markets, as mentioned by the LG team.

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