LG announces new line of NanoCell AI smart TVs in Brazil during Eletrolar Show 2019

by Kelvin
Foto destacada da nova TV NanoCell AI

LG has expanded its smart TV portfolio with the NanoCell AI 2019 line, with nanocrystalline panel and smarter processor

LG took advantage of the 14th edition of Electrolar Show to present in Brazil its new line of smart TVs NanoCell AI. Following the philosophy of making everyday life easier for users, the new models, up to 86 inches, bring a smarter processor, which use the deep learning to learn how the user consumes multimedia content, automatically adjusting it for better experience and immersion, and allowing interaction with branded devices – or not – through Google Assistant and Alexa.

NanoCell AI Smart TV Lineup Brings Smarter Processor and 4K Resolution

To the line NanoCell AI 2019, a LG worked on four pillars of development: Nano Colors, Nano Contrast, Nano Details and Nano Design. Second Pedro Valery, TV Product Marketing and LG at the Brazil, a LG announce on Electrolar Show 2019 a new repositioning in the smart TV line, making it easier to understand audio, video and Artificial Intelligence technologies compared to competing lines.

Nano Colors

The first pillar of model line development SM90 NanoCell AI It is related to colors. The panels contain nanoparticles that optimize the reproduction and assertiveness of each color. According to LG, the technology uses uniform 1 nanometer nanocrystals, which are applied directly to the panel to produce more vivid images while reproducing a full color spectrum for more realistic images.

In addition, another significant difference that comes to the models of the LG NanoCell AI is that the crystals of NanoCells They are placed directly on the panel rather than on a film, absorbing any light interference and resulting in much more faithful colors and brightness.

Nano Contrast and Nano Details

There are three technologies that ensure greater contrast control and fidelity in color reproduction and brightness: Full Array Local Dimming (FALD) LED lighting technology, which is capable of applying backlighting in sections, making it possible to obtain a deeper black color on the screen without detracting from the details; and also NanoCell IPS 4K technology, which is ideal for viewing even the most unfavorable angles, preserving detail no matter where the user feels.

Comparison of conventional TV with FALD(Image: LG)

The technology True Color Accuracy It is responsible for providing a wider range of richer, sharper and more realistic colors. In addition, the line brings the most required smart TVs today, such as 4K UHD resolution and support for many types of HDR, including Dolby vision.

Comparison of conventional TV with nanocell ai with color accuracy(Image: LG)

Nano Design

This pillar is responsible for the design of the NanoCell AI TV SM90, which has very thin edges, giving the sensation of the image being floating in the environment. This design, built with fine frame and modern lines, is called by LG in Cinema Screen. In addition, all models feature the Gallery mode, similar to Ambient mode gives Samsung, which has a huge image bank and a constant update guarantee.

Smart TV even smarter

Second-generation Alpha 7 processor equips NanoCell AI 2019 TVsSecond-generation Alpha 7 processor equips NanoCell AI 2019 TVs

All of these development pillars are powered by the new image processor. 2nd Generation Alpha 7, what “Learn” transmitted content to enhance the user experience and provide a more immersive view. Through technology Deep learning, a NanoCell AI TV SM90 is able to enhance sectors such as:

  • Image: with the feature AI Picturesmart TV recognizes the quality of the content and signal source, optimizing noise, detail and sharpness of images;
AI Picture
  • Brightness: as AI Brightness, the TV sensor detects light and automatically adjusts to the environment;
AI Brightness
  • Sound: through AI Sound and AI Acoustic Tunning, the line NanoCell recognizes the type of content played and calibrates the audio by simulating the stereo (2.0ch) signal in 5.1ch audio, regardless of where the user is sitting. The technology AI Acoustic Tunning It is responsible for maintaining the same quality of audio playback for both the front and sides of the TV.
AI Sound

ThinQ AI Platform

THE LG keeps the Connected House concept present in its products, enabling company devices – or not – to talk to each other via TVs and smartphones through the platform ThinQ AI. As Google Assistant and Alexa, the TV will be able to perform commands, in Portuguese, to receive information about the weather, traffic, trigger services like Uber and iFood, and also have control over other smart appliances in the house, such as lamps, refrigerators, etc.

And for more organization when it comes to performing the commands, LG announced a dashboard Fully integrated (“control panel”) capable of controlling both LG as for other brands. That is, it will be possible from now on to control a smart vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi, for example.

Barbara Toscano, Head of Marketing LG in Brazil, states that the Google Assistant will be present on the brand smart TVs from the beginning of August.

Support to Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit

LG will allow Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit, both from Apple, can be controlled by NanoCell AI TVsLG will allow Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit, both from Apple, can be controlled by NanoCell AI TVs

As a way of bringing all the main stands to the televisions of the LG, the company also announced support for Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit. That is, users of smart TVs NanoCell have access to the entire catalog of movies, music or home videos from AirPlay 2, and will also be able to control smart locks, motion sensors and the entire ecosystem. HomeKit.


The line NanoCell IA SM90 now available for purchase from major online retailers. In all, there are three models for sale: 55 '', 65 '' and 86 ''. Prices start from $ 6,499 and go up to $ 29,999.

LG at Eletrolar Show 2019

In addition to the new line of televisions, LG featured a giant booth at Electrolar Show to present their solutions for the coming years in the audio, video, mobile, white goods and B2B. On site, the company demonstrated an environment of Connected House, to show how the company's products can make everyday life easier for users.

“We are excited to participate, for the second year, in such a representative fair for the sector. This year, we will present models that underscore our commitment to bringing innovation and practicality to all areas in the routine of our consumers. ”

Barbara Toscano, head of LG Marketing in Brazil.