LG belongs to the trademarks LG M10, LG V60 and LG V70

by Kelvin

LG may or may not plan to launch a new series of smartphones. Just last month, the company announced a new series of affordable smartphones for the Indian market, which includes the LG W10, LG W30 and LG W30 Pro. Now the trademark application has revealed the name of a new phone called the LG M10.

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The application was filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Office, and it states that the M10 trademark was filed in the “Smartphones” category. The application was submitted on July 8, 2019.

Although there are reports that this may be a new line, we have a feeling that the LG W10 is acquiring a new name in LG’s home country. This is not unusual for LG. One phone can go buy one name in one market and another name in their country. For example, the LG X6 (in Korea) is the same device as the LG Q60. It is also known as the LG K12 Prime in Brazil.

This is just an assumption, and the LG M10 may be the first of a completely new series, not like the W series.

In addition to the M10, LG has also applied for trademarks for the V60 and V70, which are obviously the names of future LG V-series smartphones. The latest in the V series is the LG V50 ThinQ, released earlier this year. There is a chance that we can get the LG V60 ThinQ later this year.

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