LG could re-enter the scene with a mobile device with an interesting feature.


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We have seen a parade of brands and mobiles in recent months that have managed to conquer their audience by combining popular functions, powerful hardware and the surprise effect. Some dazzled with its photographic section and others with the performance of the devices.

But LG has so far not found the boom effect on its mobile devices. But this may be about to change, according to a discovery shared by LetsGoDigital.

An LG mobile without physical buttons

A new LG patent reveals a mobile device with several interesting details, including the possibility of become independent of the physical buttons.

There are several sketches that allow us to see what LG's strategy seems to be to surprise users. On the one hand, the mobile illustrated is 4 cameras on the back that revolve around the flash. This would be an interesting bet for LG since it would be the first mobile of the brand to offer this photographic section.


But the great novelty of this mobile would be the absence of physical buttons. A curiosity that we thought we would see in the Galaxy Note 10 but Samsung did not want to take a risk. Maybe in some future mobile of the brand.

So far, only Meizu Zero has shown us what it is to have a minimalist device, without visible connections, or physical buttons. So it will be interesting to see the approach LG can take to this trend.

And continuing with the information that we can release from the sketches, we see that LG does not want to let go of the headphone jack. This would be good news for users, as it has become the exception among devices.

At the moment, these patents only speak to us of a concept that LG has in mind, so there are no dates or certainties about the development of an LG mobile with these characteristics, but it creates many expectations to know that the brand is still looking for a new Strategy for your mobile futures.

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