LG, folding with a nib: just a patent?

by Kelvin
LG, folding with a nib: just a patent?

The leaflet of Samsung will be presented (for the second time) during IFA, September 06 in Berlin. Despite the flop of the previous one Galaxy Fold, the new launch of the smartphone will push other manufacturers to follow the example, in one way or another. LG, of course, it will not be outdone and a new patent – issued to the company a few months ago – could represent one of the best ideas so far emerged.

LG: foldable with nib

The folding style described in the patent is not exactly new but, at the same time, rarely mentioned or used by others. The terminal folds twice like the Xiaomi prototype, but unlike the latter, LG's cell phone shows the two sides of the phone overlapping when folded.


The effect here is that the device, once closed, takes on the rectangular shape of a normal smartphone, while when opened it becomes a tablet with a classic appearance. There is also a small side frame that houses the cameras and, of course, both sides of the phone have a display.

The uniqueness of this patent is that it includes one stylus, tool that we would expect to find on a device from Samsung and not on a LG. Unfortunately, given the sensitivity of the flexible and foldable screen, having a plastic nib could cause damage and leave scratches.

LG, folding with a nib: just a patent? 2

We remember that i preorders of the Galaxy Fold they are already open in the USA, where the Samsung leaflets will be shipped starting next 27 September. However, according to a rumor from a while ago, the11 this month the first deliveries to South Korea are scheduled. The units of the first lot should be among the 20,000 and 30,000, although some sources speak of 2,500. About the cost of the terminal, despite the hardware mounted on the Galaxy Fold it is not the most recent, it should be around 1800 € – 2000 €.

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