LG G8x ThinQ review, reviews with features and opinions

LG G8x ThinQ review, reviews with features and opinions 1

In 2019 we have seen many strange designs in smartphones of all brands Foldable phones have begun to arrive and the screens have undergone drastic changes in various brands. Today we are here to analyze LG G8x ThinQ, a smartphone with a very long name that tried to conquer part of the upper-class market. Yes, the first thing you should know is the high range, which results in a high range and costs like a high range. But this is not the most interesting thing about the device, because of this LG G8x It brings in the box one of the most attractive and striking accessories of all 2019.

You may have seen news and photos about this device on the Internet. You may also be wondering if it is really worth buying this terminal for the second screen. After spending a few days testing it, we inform you about our daily experiences. Let's start …

Very careful design with additional double screens.

Already in the first point we have to talk double screen. The good news, and something we really like is that the design of the device is not conditioned by dual-screen accessories. LG has created a mobile with a careful design and has adapted this case to this design.. This means that when you don't want to trust a dual display, you will have a regular cell phone in hand.

The company has drawn the classics: metal and glass for the body, a used notched screen, a fingerprint sensor under the screen and a very well-designed small camera. This is one of the few devices on the market that does not have a bump on the camera sensor – they are on par with the rest of the glass.


The back is polished glass and a little bit more slippery than we want. Also, the track is seen a few seconds after mounting the terminal. The curve of the rear glass makes it comfortable to hold and the weight is not excessive despite its large size. 192 grams for one person 6.4 inch terminal in our opinion is more than correct.

The front has a large screen that is used well and evenly. Its position is small, although it has a bezel that not only convinces us.. We want this top bezel to be thinner, because it gives the impression that the notch is forced and not really necessary.

He LG G8x design This is one of the simplest upper ranges, but it makes us have great taste. It is a good size and has everything you need for your day to day. We can not only enjoy a USB C, also includes a headphone jack (included in the box) and a activation button Google Assistant on the left.

This is a device that is aesthetically pleasing to almost all users, as it produces very well and has everything you can expect from a device of this caliber.

Dual screens, accessories that not only convince us

LG G8x ThinQ review, reviews with features and opinions 2

The dual display of this device is included in the box and not sold separately. The best example to understand this screen is to have the idea of ​​facing the cover with a cover that in the interior area has another additional screen. When you open this case, button two screens and you can enjoy two 6.4 inch panels.

Is this really useful and does it make sense? Yes we don't believe it. This screen has two main functions: open two applications simultaneously and interact with both, or play and use as a gamepad.

In the first case, you can open Twitter and whatsapp, YouTube and Instagram or any application you want. You can interact with them independently and both are open simultaneously. You can also rotate the device and use one of the screens as a horizontal and large keyboard, even though it's not as comfortable as it seems.

Only a few users will find this way to use a useful Android phone with two screens, so we can only recommend them.

Is it interesting to play? It may sound great to have two screens for one to play a gamepad and therefore have a full view of the game on the other screen. The reality is that it is still a touch screen, and therefore the controls are still touch. We found a physical gamepad It is much better to play almost all the games and offer a better experience than this dual screen.

The additional screen has several functions, a different gamepad to play and the option to take it anywhere thanks to its cover shape. The reality is that we have used this accessory just to test it And we have not been awakened by the need to use it again when playing or other actions.

But hey, free, what's the problem? The problem is that if you want the LG G8x you cannot buy it without this additional screen And in Android Pro we believe that this will increase the price of the device to finally offer something that is not entirely attractive or useful to the user. What percentage of the price fits this screen? 100 150 euros?

We prefer that the device has lower costs and does not include it. Of course, we understand that this device wants to focus on the users who will use this dual screen.

Simple screen with everything you can expect.

LG G8x ThinQ review, reviews with features and opinions 3

From today's high-end you can expect the display to offer excellent quality. This panel LG G8x is OLED and 6.4 inches It has 100% HDR10 and DCI-P3, which guarantees that the range of colors is one of the best on the market today. The lens is pretty pure, although you have to go to the screen settings to choose a fixed mode. The default automatic offers a slightly yellowish white. There is nothing that cannot be fixed with some configuration settings.

The screen size is quite large and it is not made to reach all points with one hand. Also if you have big hands. If you want to show the notification bar with one hand, you have to juggle it and slide the device in with your hands, something we don't recommend you do without the housings, because this device slides a lot.

The rounded corners and the format chosen by LG we really do not like. Curves are not perfectly connected with existing flat bezels. a little corner that shows if you look. It can be useful for most users, but we pay attention.

Panel color is faithful and will please most users to watch movies, use apps or watch YouTube. This is the correct panel that may require more resolution considering its size. The screen is 1080p And if you look closely, you might think it requires a little more resolution.

LG G8x ThinQ review, reviews with features and opinions 4

If we talk about brightness, we have to criticize the administration a bit. This is a glossy panel, but it should be enjoyed with a fairly high gloss percentage. In almost all of our analyzes, we have around 75/80%. This is not a bad thing, but you must remember that if you use a cell phone outdoors, you should increase the brightness enough to get a quality experience.

We close the screen point with something we like: that's a tactic. We do not know if LG has used special technology, but this device has a panel that responds better than expected. We can assure you that you will have no problems with this section and that all the time you press will be reflected.

Excellent performance that is not perfect

LG G8x ThinQ review, reviews with features and opinions 5

We don't talk much about the LG G8x's performance. It has a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and 6 GB RAM. Everything you want to do you can do with the terminal. You can play games, open all kinds of applications and everything without overheating on your device. Overall, you have the experience you can expect from a high rank when running applications.

Of course, we can't leave the performance section without talking about it. customization layer from LG. If the experience with this device is not perfect, it is because of that layer. We believe it is optimized but it is on the market. and it provides flaws that we should not see in this type of terminal. Sometimes it takes time to display multiple menus, it stays frozen over time and doesn't have a very attractive design.

If you ask us what LG needs to have one of the best experiences in the entire market, we will respond to the action of Android. This LG G8x and all high-end LG terminals will win a lot if they choose to offer Android stocks instead of LG UX.

Of course, we do not expect you to think that the experience with the terminal is bad, in addition. Simply put, he has The best hardware and software that often hampers the user experience.

Simple dual camera with clear things

LG G8x ThinQ review, reviews with features and opinions 6

If we take a look at today's high-end, there are several devices with dual rear cameras. Almost everyone has jumped to three or even 4 cameras. The sensor. The LG G8x is one of the few that opts for a simple configuration: main sensor + wide angle. It was the company responsible for making these sensors so fashionable for taking pictures of landscapes or buildings.

After hundreds of photos with this device, we have one thing clear: It has many qualities, but does not compete for front-line positions.. The main sensor can do things well when faced with a good light situation, even when we are indoors. The quality is good and the dynamic range of this sensor behaves well. We have gotten pretty good photos, although they are not always comparable to other high class photographs that are much more prominent in photography. We lost the optical zoom, because when we used digital the quality was drastically reduced.

If we switch to 13-megapixel wide-angle sensors we are starting consider the problem if the situation is not good enough. In the room he suffered a lot and the presence of sound in the photograph was extraordinary. This also happens when we take photos at night with this sensor. The aperture is f / 2.4. Close to the specifications and tests, we confirm it: this is a sensor for taking photos during the day and with a good lighting situation.

If we go at night and go back to the main sensor, we really don't like the results. Highlight management produces a lot of desired and visible noise quickly. A well-lit night scene has good quality, but poorly lit areas damage the image in many cases.

The LG camera app that we like, It has very interesting details and well-marked settings.. One of the things we like the most is the ability to focus and shoot in the same position. This way, you don't need to move your hand to find the cover and blur. It is the small details that make this camera special, although we believe that it does not offer the same flexibility as other high-end ones and the quality is not comparable to that of the most sought-after devices.

Autonomy, multimedia and other aspects.

LG G8x ThinQ review, reviews with features and opinions 7

One of the company's most turbulent points in its latest sophisticated tools is autonomy. In repair, this LG G8x compares to other terminals in its catalogBut we can't fire rockets either. We have run several tests on different days and the results are somewhat different.

When the terminal is almost all day under the Wi-Fi network, it managed to get 5.5 or even 6 hour display. In this test we have played a few minutes With a dual screen, we take some indoor photos and use the terminal normally.

If we change the scenery and spend most of the day in 4G coverage, taking photos and playing sporadically, the active screen clock changes dramatically. Almost never 4 hours will come if you press too hard.

Cell 4,000 mAh It looks good, even though we want to get more juice. We must say that without using a dual screen, the autonomy is improving, although it is not surprising. In summary true autonomy for this LG G8x.

We can't say the same about the fingerprint sensor on the screen. This is optical and is also one of the worst we've tested across the entire high and mid-range.. On the market there are devices of around 300 euros with a much better fingerprint sensor.

LG G8x ThinQ review, reviews with features and opinions 8

You must press the screen for as long as it seems excessive and when it fails afterwards the second and third will almost certainly fail as well. The fact that this fingerprint sensor works this way is frustrating, and switching to patterns or PINs is something we've done many times during testing. We don't know if these details can be improved via OTA, but if possible, LG should.

Finally we will talk about sound, another aspect that we like about the device. It sounds good and it sounds strong. That's not the part that really surprised us, but we can say that this is one step above the average. LG has done a great job in the sound section for several generations and this is seen in the LG G8x.

Without being the best of the device, we are sure that the sound will convince you if you finally buy it.

Do we recommend this LG G8x ThinQ?

This device has something that most devices will support: the price. In the market there are very attractive high-end options that offer better hardware, better software and better prices than this device. The second screen incentive may be interesting to some people., but in practice it is not an accessory that will be used by most people. This accessory undoubtedly determines the price, so we have a high-end cell phone that is not the best at all.

This is not the best on the camera or on the screen, especially in the software and it has a multimedia section that, again, does not stand out.. Of course the price 950 eurosAt this point in 2019, it is something that stands out and is negative.

From Android Pro, unfortunately, We can't recommend buying this LG G8x ThinQ if you want an occasional high-end playback device. There are cheaper options that offer a better experience when playing with a 30-euro gamepad.

This LG G8x ThinQ Without a secondary factory display, a more controlled price and Android Stock can be a very attractive option for a large number of users, but not the way LG is presented at the moment.

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