LG releases webOS system for Smart TVs for other manufacturers

by Kelvin
LG releases webOS system for Smart TVs for other manufacturers

The South Korean manufacturer LG announced this Wednesday (24) that it is opening the webOS operating system for Smart TVs to manufacturers that wish to license the technology and use it in self-produced devices.

The brand’s movement means a blow in the dispute with other companies that already offer a similar platform, such as Tizen, by Samsung, and Android TV, by Google, this one more present in competitors.

According to LG, webOS already has about 20 manufacturers around the world committed to the partnership, including RCA, Ayonz and Konka. They will be entitled to the look adopted by the user interface and the applications supported by the system, which includes streaming video services and other utilities. New allies are expected to be announced soon.


According to the brand, the novelty “has the potential to reshape the TV industry both in technology and in content generation, significantly expanding LG’s presence in the global home entertainment market.”

webOS is a system originally made by Palm, acquired by HP and resold to LG. Since 2014, the platform is used in South Korean smart TVs, currently being upgraded to the sixth generation.

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