LG will bring to the IFA a phone with … three screens?

by Kelvin
LG will bring to the IFA a phone with ... three screens?

An LG with three screens

The video in question is quite short and concise, but if you pay enough attention you could find quite interesting details. On the one hand, the image shows us a game running in a terminal with double screen. This dual screen would resemble that offered by the V50 ThinQ, since there is no continuity between the two and seems to be two completely independent panels.


So far everything normal, however, the video ends with the folding of the device, showing a third screen as a notification panel. This screen may seem like the first typical window or hole that partially reveals the screen under the front protector, but if we take into account that what is under this protection is a complete panel, the window option is completely ruled out, since that would otherwise pierce her. For this reason, we have no choice but to think that LG has prepared an extra accessory with two screens, so that we can continue to obtain information when the device is folded or closed.

LG V60 ThinQ?

LG IFA triple screen

Although not much is known about it at the moment, everything indicates that these details have to do with the future LG V60. The details fit, since the brand seems to be preferring to surprise with accessories when it comes to attracting attention with their devices, a proposal that they already made with the V50 and whose accessory we could see in operation at the IFA last year. Curiously, this accessory never came to the United States, so you have to see what plans they have on this occasion, since the V50 alone failed to gain a place in the market with its specifications and its gesture control system (although We doubt it would do better with the global availability of the secondary display).

We will finally see what the manufacturer surprises us with, since an accessory of these characteristics does not sound precisely to the bombing of the IFA. In general, it may continue to focus on the most modern processor and renewed specifications, but knowing how the brand is doing in the mobile sector, it will be better to think more fresh and renewed ideas, or else it will not improve much more the situation.

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