LG's V60S and K50S trademarks outperform IFA 2019

by Kelvin

LG has launched two new brands for smartphones – the LG V60S and LG K50S. Development goes ahead of IFA 2019, so there is a chance that we could hear more about these two phones at the show.

According to the report, LG Electronics has filed an application for registration of a trademark called β€œLG V60S” in South Korea. The application was submitted to the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) on August 2, which was posted on the Internet.

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Since the LG V60 and LG K50 receive S-series smartphones, it’s hard to say whether new devices will be updated or downgrade from the original model. The LG G8S, which was launched shortly after the launch of the LG G8, was slightly downgraded. However, the LG V30S was a clear upgrade over the V30.

At the upcoming IFA 2019, LG from South Korea is expected to introduce the flagship smartphone LG V60, which the company teases with its dual-screen feature. This should be a clear update over the V50, although we don't have any details yet. We expect the LG V60S to be somewhere between the LG V50 and V60.

Since the LG K50 is an entry-level smartphone, we expect the LG K50S to be an upgrade from the original model. We also expect the company to introduce the LG G8X along with these two smartphones at IFA 2019. However, the report added that although the LG V60S will be presented at IFA 2019, the phone will be officially unveiled in 2020.

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