Life is Strange: Strings will continue the story of Max and Chloe in October

by Kelvin

In graphic novel format, Life is Strange: Strings It is the new volume that will follow the protagonists a year after the events that occurred during the game. And, it has been a large number of players who fell in love with the history of eternal friendship of Max and Chloe, protagonists of the first part of Life is Strange, the award-winning title of Dontnod Entertainment which marked a before and after to the genre of graphic adventures.

Friendship that overcomes the unknown, time travel and hard decisions with drastic consequences. His debut had everything to succeed and he succeeded, leaving us with a tremendous end where the player could play the trick of controlling his own final destiny, something that left us, no doubt, wanting more. Unfortunately, in game format we have not been able to continue with this story in order to solve the thousands of doubts that were presented to us, rather traveling to the past with the prequel Before the Storm.


Despite this, the writer Emma Vieceli and the artists Claudia Leonardi Y Andrea Izzo They got down to work last year, as we told you before, to bring us with Titan Comics a miniseries of comics based on Max and Chloe themselves some time after choosing one of these final decisions within a multiverse with infinite possibilities.

The first arc that gathered volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4 was launched in digital format in November, the second came shortly after and the third, Life is Strange: Strings, which will consist of volumes 9, 10, 11 and 12 will begin next October with the first two and promises a lot of surprises. The last two apparently will not arrive until the following year.

All these arches will be launched in pocket format in 2020, for those who love the ‘physical’. How will our protagonists prosper? Will Max's powers still have brutal consequences? To know it, do not hesitate to acquire the volumes through the website of the publisher.

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