Linky: justice orders withdrawal of 13 meters for medical reasons

by Kelvin
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Linky is back in the sights of justice. The Tours tribunal de grande instance ordered the withdrawal of the connected meter from 13 individuals for medical reasons. However, the ANFR has just published a study according to which Linky represents no danger to health.


The Tours District Court (TGI) ordered the withdrawal of the connected Linky meter in the home of 13 individuals for medical reasons, reports 20 Minutes. A new judicial victory to credit detractors of the device after a judge allows electrosensitive to refuse the installation of Linky and another has pronounced the obligation to install an anti-wave filter in these same electro.

Linky is nonetheless not dangerous for health according to the ANFR

The court pronounced "the delivery of power-free electricity online" for these 13 homes. In one case, there is a 7-year-old with "chronic fatigue" and "sleep difficulties". The TGI felt that there may be a link with Linky. Note that even if it is better after the withdrawal of the counter malignant, the psychological effect will not be neglected and this will not prove that Linky is harmful.

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Moreover, a recent report from the National Agency of Frequencies (ANFR) ensures that Linky is not dangerous for health. After a series of tests and measurements, the institution explains that the waves generated by the connected meter are well below the legal limits and that they can have no effect on the human body. In addition, Linky does not broadcast continuously but about 1% of the time. By way of comparison, the ANFR has calculated that a WiFi internet box emits on average 15 times more than Linky. In short, reproaches can be made to the meter (privacy, rising bills), but there is technically no evidence that it causes adverse effects on health.

Source: 20 minutes

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