Listen to Harry Potter read the first chapter of his book

by Kelvin

Harry Potter World Witch At Home

Unfortunately, the outbreak continues in our lives and we will be used to something new. In the meantime, and even though access is already legal in certain countries, companies continue to produce content that distracts us, comforts us and helps us spend time at home. A clear example is Magic World, the media and franchise of the "shared universe" that has the core of all movies based on the Harry Potter novels.

This firm has announced Harry potter at home, an initiative that aims to divert people by offering their story books in format audio book. For this, it will have the voice of many famous actors, who will be in charge of reading each chapter until the full story of the first volume is completed.


These chapters will be released weekly on the web (you have the link at Source) via video where you can see live artists immersed in the thrill of reading and they'll also be uploaded to Spotify, if you just want to hear audio as if it were another audio book.

Daniel Radcliffe read Harry Potter

In order to launch the project, Wizarding World wants to have the only person who can start the saga (outside of its creator, JK Rowling '): Daniel Radcliffe, the actor in charge of putting the face and voice to the main character Harry during eight tapes as part of the film's cast especially.

Radcliffe's video read the first chapter, titled "The Boy Who Lived" ("The boy who survived«), From the first volume of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, it is now available on the official website that you have a link to the Source at the end of this article- and also to a Spotify account enabled to upload all audio tracks that will be recorded individually week.

There is even a companion activity on the page designed to distract people from additional content after they refresh their memory with the chapters in this book.

The only "bad" thing is that everything it's in english (obviously), so it's not suitable for everyone. However, if you are about to defend yourself, this is always a good way to get yourself heard by practicing the Shakespeare language and by starting out in the audio book world.

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