Little liars and other series

by Kelvin

Little Liars is one of the youth drama series that has gained popularity in recent years within the teenage audience. In fact, thanks to its boom it was spreading more and more, even adding other copies to the saga of his books. This time we will talk about other series similar to Little Liars for you to review if they get your attention.

Veronica MarsVeronica Mars

This is one of the series that you can not ignore in case you are looking to entertain yourself with something similar to Little Liars. His argument revolves around a very young detective who is conducting an investigation about the death, or murder, of one of his closest and dearest friends.


If you like the series that embed memories to complete the story while the actions unfold, Veronica Mars is made for you.

Eye candy

Although this is a series that did not advance beyond the first season, it had a great acceptance by the television public who was looking for this type of entertainment. The protagonist is a kind of hacker who is dedicated to looking for all possible information about missing people to help his relatives find his whereabouts.

Without a doubt, it is a good alternative if you are looking for series similar to Little Liars. On the other hand, in Eye Candy Everything takes an unexpected turn when the protagonist in question realizes that they are also looking for her.

Similar series to Little LiarsSimilar series to Little Liars

In case you want to try other series options we also recommend some such as Ravenswood, Twisted, Scream and Hidden Palms, although, of course, the argument will not be the same.

We hope that now you can enjoy these series similar to Little Liars in the best possible way.

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