Logitech G Updates Gamer Headset and Mouse Portfolio

by Kelvin

Launch of Logitech marked the debut of Blues Microphones in Brazil; new line of gamer mice was also announced

Logitech G held, this Thursday (15), an event at the House of INTZ, one of the largest e-Sports clubs in Brazil, in Sao Paulo, to renew its portfolio of accessories aimed at the gamer audience. The location could not be better, as Logitech G is one of the official sponsors of INTZ, who were present testing the new products. Despite the favorable and friendly environment, six products had the spotlight of the night: three HERO 16K sensor gamer mice; two headsets with new audio technology; and the surprise of the night, the world's most popular wireless mouse update.


Logitech Gamer Headsets powered by Blues Microphones

The first major release of the evening was the Blues Microphones lineup of gamers headsets. Ricardo Filó, Logitech Marketing Manager in Brazil, comments that the new Logitech G Pro X and G Pro They combine high performance and ergonomic design, bringing comfort in long use. For the first time ever, a company headset brings audio technology from Blues Microphones, a subsidiary of Logitech,

Robust yet stylish design of the Logitech G Pro X aRobust yet stylish design of the Logitech G Pro X a

Both Pro X and Pro They feature stereo audio quality, 50mm PRO-G Drivers, USB or 3.5mm connection, built-in pop filter microphone and robust yet stylish design made of aluminum and steel. The difference between the two is that the Pro X gain 7.1 channel surround audio through DTS headphone X: 2.0, which gives more definition and 360 degree immersion, and the microphone features Blue Voice technology for great gaming communication and streaming. With Blue Voice technology, microphones can be set up in real time.

Microphone is developed in partnership with Blues MicrophonesMicrophone is developed in partnership with Blues Microphones

Blue Voice Technology

Developed by Blues Microphones, O Blue voice Allows you to configure and access various features to optimize audio streaming in the games. Ricardo mentions that it is possible to include pre-selected filters in the voice, so that the user has the best of voice tone and volume in games. In addition, the frequencies are customizable, and for hardcore gamers, technology brings a full set of professional effects like de-esser and de-popper compressors.

In the experiment room, I was able to test the most premium headset and the quality is amazing. The bass is powerful and the treble is balanced. The customization software is also very customizable, being possible to equalize, use presets, among other functions.

Comfortable and robust design

The design was another point that caught my attention. Headsets do not have any active noise cancellation technology, but isolation, thanks to head padding and soft foams, makes it very difficult to leak sound. The fit is perfect and I couldn't hear almost anything external during the games.

This is the first time Blues technology has landed on BrailThis is the first time Blues technology has landed on Brail

“It is very important for us (Logitech Brazil) to have a product from this size in the country. With X Pro, we introduced Blues in Brazil and show why it is a leader in audio. ”

Jairo Rozenblit, President of Logitech Brazil

The new ones Logitech G Pro X and G Pro They are now available for sale in Brazil for the suggested retail price of $ 599.99 and $ 799.99, respectively.

New HERO 16K Sensor Gamer Mice

G403 HERO Gamer Mouse Brings Up to 16K DPI SensitivityG403 HERO Gamer Mouse Brings Up to 16K DPI Sensitivity

THE Logitech updated the templates G403, G903 in Brazil with the new sensor HERO 16K, which offers even more accurate gameplay and 10x better energy efficiency than the previous generation. THE Logitech still brought, for the first time, the G703 HERO, which is compatible with the Powerplay, mousepad charging the mouse by induction.

Of the three, only the G403 HERO it's not wireless, but it comes with the new sensor HERO 16K, offering higher accuracy, six configurable buttons and function RGB LightSync, which allows you to synchronize the mouse color according to your setup and the prevailing color of the current game.

The G903 Lightspeed and the G703 HERO they are quite similar. Both bring technology Lightspeed, which decreases latency and increases gaming accuracy, has a very ergonomic design and induction charging system compatibility Powerplay. However, the G903 Lightspeedtop-of-the-line can hold up to 140 hours of gaming while the G703 HERO, 35 hours on one charge. O G903In addition to ambidextrous design, it comes with 11 configurable buttons.

All three mice are compatible with the G Hub, central Logitech which allows you to customize the mice to the user's preference, and has a sensitivity of up to 16,000 DPI, easily configured on the buttons.

In interview for the Showmetech, Ricardo Filó He said the company's gamer mouse development process goes through rigorous testing at the hands of professional gamers around the world to find the “perfect catch”.

“Basically, we (Logitech Lab in Switzerland) give players a rock and they start helping us shape it. They add reliefs, remove something here, something here, it's like a painting. ”

Ricardo Filó, Marketing Manager at Logitech Brasil

The new gamer mice are already for sale in Brazil and the prices are:

  • G703 HERO – R $ 499.90;
  • G903 Lightspeed – R $ 699.90;
  • G403 HERO – R $ 249.90.
High-end model, G903 has many features when it comes to eternalHigh-end model, G903 has many features when it comes to eternal

Although all products are 100% imported, Phylum commented that Logitech has a strategy here in Brazil that aims to bring only what the Brazilian consumer wants to find in a gamer product and would be willing to invest in it. The new mouse models come to Brazil to fill the entry, intermediate and premium segments with high quality and durable products, something that the Brazilian will look first.

World's most popular wireless mouse update

O Logitech G502, the brand's most popular mouse gamer, has been updated and has gained a wireless version. Features follow G703 formula with HERO 16K sensor, Powerplay and has 11 programmable buttons that can be configured via Logitech G Hub.

The biggest highlight is the design, which has gained a more modern and slightly nostalgic air. On the outside, he remembers the G502 old but lighter, ergonomic and comfortable. Nevertheless, the Logitech decided to include configurable weights for the user who wants to maintain certain grip and handling, as well as bringing rubberized and textured sides for easier grip.

THE Logitech already included the G502 Speedlight on their official website for purchase and has a suggested retail price of $ 699.90.

What did you think about the releases of Logitech for the gamer market? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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