Lolito is elected mayor! So is the election in Karmaland

by Kelvin

Democracy is the foundation of any society serious and mature. There is no doubt about this and their presence in Karmaland is compulsory. Its residents, all well-known youtubers and streamers, were summoned yesterday to vote for their mayor. From among the candidates, Lolito Fernandez is the one who got the most support and won the mayor.

Of course, like everything else in Karmaland, elections not without controversy, or funny moments. The system designed by the gods to perform the game gives you a lot of games and allows fans of the Minecraft series to have a voice as well.


Luzu is the main favorite but Lolito surprises her

Until a few days ago Luzu is a major favorite to get the Mayor of Karmaland. Everyone thinks that this famous youtuber is the one who will hold the staff and lead the server. But the truth is he made his own tomb.

Luzu, together with Rubius, built the old roller coaster death trap for anyone who uses it. Finally, after hacking Luzu's entrance into the underwear, a lava hole killed those inside the wagon.

Also, Luzu and Rubius persuaded other islanders to go to the attractions and it ended with a massacre. When they are all dead, Luzu revives Vegetta but can't save Lolito. The man from Malaga was angry and announced that in return, he will run for the Karmaland elections. This led to a change in the election.

What do the two candidates suggest?

As in election campaigns, both competitors succeed his proposal was in a small debate just before the vote. The truth is that the style of the two main candidates, a third named Cerdo Gil, is very different. While Luzu was wearing a suit and simple speech, Lolito appeared in casual attire and tone He himself is described as a "neighborhood".

Lolito's main suggestion is stopping mistakes and strong hands against indiscriminate attacks. Security is an essential element of its electoral program, along with promises of more events, alternative venues and forms of participatory and downward governance.

Luzu on his side promised to decentralize power and offers every resident of the ministry to participate in the public management of the island. He also wanted to build a wall around the city to protect it from straw. He also claimed the matter He is the rightful candidate for mayor.

Mayor Lolito! How are votes cast?

The procedure is quite simple. Every Karmaland resident has a DNI to vote. In addition, online surveys are conducted so residents can choose. Which the people choose get additional votes that adds to the final result.

Manual voting of the population is carried out amid high tensions. There was an explosion when people decided that he was ending the life of Rubius' wife. Everything is so dramatic.

Vegetta tasked to announce the results after the study. Here's how:

Lolito: 4 votes (Alexby, Auron, Lolito and Mangel)

Luzu: 3 votes (Willyrex, Luzu and the public)

Pig Gil: 3 votes (Vegetta, Rubius and Fargan)

Therefore Lolito becomes the new mayor of Karmaland. In his first statement, the Malaga man dedicated his victory to his mother while weeping. Luzu from his side congratulated the Malaga man on his behalf.

lolito grandpa karmaland

Finally Vegetta handed the mayor's clothes to Lolito and the (symbolic) key of Karmaland. He appeared on stage in the middle of a fireworks and a message that read "Lolito is our Mayor." Finally, he thanked the voters for their trust and said that will be the best inhabitant of Karmaland.

What do you think about it? Do you expect Lolito to be elected mayor? Everyone thinks that Luzu will win the election, but nothing is written about democracy. Live Karmaland!

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