Lucifer: 7 things that don’t make sense in the supernatural series

by Kelvin
Lucifer: 7 things that don't make sense in the supernatural series

As much as the series Lucifer, from Netflix, is one of the most celebrated by subscribers, there are some small inconsistencies seen during the episodes that those who look closely will notice them.

The series, derived from a Neil Gaiman character in the comics, initially aired on Fox, but when canceled, it became part of the Netflix catalog with new seasons and conflicts.

Currently, the public awaits the release of the second part of the 5th season of Lucifer, which should arrive in 2021.


In this list, however, we’ll look at some sensitive points in the narrative that can confuse the audience.

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1. Can everyone see angels and demons flying?

In one of the episodes, Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) comments that Amenadiel accidentally hit a bridge while flying over Los Angeles. But, in the series’ mythology, can humans see angels flying?

Most likely they cannot, as this would result in a lot of confusion. In this sense, this speech by Lucifer leaves some doubts in the air, which may generate new possibilities that are neither seen nor explained in the series.

2) The soul of Maze

Maze (played by Lesley-Ann Brandt) spends most of the episodes in crisis, alone and desperate for love. However, like all demons, she has no soul. In that sense, seeing how emotionally unstable the character gets, it would make more sense if she somehow had a soul, maybe even she doesn’t know.

3) Maze and his knife skills

With his knives skills, Maze can terrorize Hell any way he likes and even torture souls. However, once in Hell, the people who live there end up reliving their worst nightmares over and over, being driven, little by little, mad.

There isn’t much room for physical torture, apparently, is there? At what point would Maze’s knives enter history by analyzing Hell in this way?

4) To die or not to die? That is the question!

The main antagonist of season 3 of Lucifer it was Cain (Tom Welling), a very controversial biblical character. When we know his true identity, it is said that he has been searching for a way to die for centuries, without success. However, upon meeting Chloe (Lauren German), he changes and wants to stay alive.

This plot is very confusing in itself, it doesn’t make much sense when we analyze the real motives of Cain.

5) Lucifer’s hidden powers

During the 7th episode of season 5 of Lucifer, Tom Ellis’s character is a bit distressed about his powers to bring out people’s deepest desires. Would Chloe have them from that moment on, since the two of them would have slept together the night before?

Later, new revelations about this hidden power are brought to light, as apparently Chloe already had it, answering the question about how Lucifer felt more physically vulnerable around her during Season 1. This passage is quite confusing, isn’t it? And it doesn’t seem to make much sense in the end either.

6) A true gift from God

Throughout the series, it was assumed that perhaps Chloe was crucial to Lucifer’s existence. All this because she would be the one who could really make him vulnerable. However, the explanation for this has never been addressed, and every time the subject is mentioned, Chloe begins to complain about its importance to Lucifer.

This question can only be answered by God Himself. Was she really a gift to Lucifer?

7) Solving problems

When Lucifer and Chloe meet, they practically team up to solve several mysteries involving complex crimes and other schemes. Lucifer ends up falling in love with Chloe and also wanting to help her in every way.

But is this a legitimate and sufficient reason for your true intentions to collaborate with the police department?

Answering this question, we see Lucifer seeking to unravel puzzles related to his own existence, but all this happens involving small criminals. This seems to lack some more interesting narrative elements, as he is the devil himself on Earth.

Your problems will naturally have epic reasons behind each of them and can hardly be solved so easily involving human behavior.

Minor inconsistencies aside, we can’t wait for the 2nd part of Season 5 of Lucifer!