Lupe Fiasco Tekken rapper stuns inverted cosplay

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Lupe Fiasco Tekken rapper stuns inverted cosplay 1

Leroy Smith revealed as the next DLC character at the end Tekken 7 the final in EVO 2019. What is especially surprising is how much this character resembles an older version of the Chicago-born rapper, businessman, and video game fan. Lupe Fiasco. This weather Lupe Fiasco Tekken "Reverse cosplay" could be a coincidence, certainly shocking to watch!

Lupe Fiasco is a Chicago-born rapper who first gained popularity with his debut album Food & Liquor by Lupe Fiasco; The music video for "Kick Push" received huge projections on MTV and stood out as a positive example of hip-hop that evoked a different theme than might be expected from the music of the time. Since then, he has released several other albums and mixtapes, the latest being the Drogas Wave 2018.

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The similarity of Lupe Fiasco Tekken stands out in the artist. Twitter Y Instagram:

So I'm basically a Tekken character.

Hahaha @EVO

– "DRUG WAVE" and "BeatNPath" NOW PLAYING (@LupeFiasco) 5 August 2019

Leroy Smith is one of the newest characters introduced to Tekken 7 and will appear as part of Season Pass 3. 50 years ago, Leroy Smith was caught up in all kinds of violence in his hometown in New York City, and he eventually lost your family and your home. He returned half a century later as a Wing Chun teacher … and he looked a lot like old Lupe Fiasco.

Although this is, of course, a coincidence, Lupe Fiasco is no stranger to the game world. He is a huge fan of the Street Fighter series, having played it since his youth. He is a fan of battle games, even teaming up to participate in exhibition matches against legendary battle games competitor Daigo Umehara. Fighting an opponent who was so skilled certainly needed confidence, but it seemed worth it. finally defeated Daigo in a series of intense matches.

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His combat skills are also translated in the real world. The image shown above where he wears a martial arts uniform is not an elegant photographic operation: Lupe Fiasco holds several black belts and has practiced martial arts since the age of three.

Lupe Fiasco Tekken's likeness might be a coincidence, but I'd be damned if it wasn't that cool. Lupe Fiasco may have been primarily a Street Fighter fan from the past, but something told me she might take Tekken 7 in the future.

(Header image credit: Lupe Fiasco is active Twitter)

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