Mac vs. PC, which one is safer?

by Kelvin
Mac vs. PC, which one is safer?

When comparing Macs with PCs, one of the fundamental axes is their security. Which of the two is more robust? Which of the two will best protect our private files? We are going to take a brief tour in terms of security with Mac and PC to see which one is more convenient.

First of all it is convenient to have a clear idea of ​​how the two systems are constituted. Unlike Android, which is an open source operating system, both Windows like MacOS they are closed source systems that do not allow developers to know their ins and outs. This means that it is more complicated for a programmer or a hacker to know the specific details of the code, both in the case of Windows as in MacOS. In principle this seems to be positive, but it is not in all cases. Although this encryption makes it more unlikely that a hacker will discover a fissure in either of the two systems, it is also more difficult for a well-intentioned programmer to correct it, which, if a vulnerability is discovered, can be exploited in a much more harmful way. In this sense, technical tie between Windows and Mac.


However, in terms of compatibility it is clearly Windows the operating system that allows to work with a greater number of programs and applications. MacOS tends to restrict access to its operating system much more, while Windows allows greater flexibility in the use and configuration of PCs. This greater elasticity of the Windows it comes at the cost of losing a bit in terms of security, so in this aspect it is safer to use a Mac. Point in favor of Apple.

Although both Microsoft and Apple frequently publish security updates of their respective operating systems, the way they are installed differs in either case. While Microsoft allows its users to opt for a more flexible and staggered installation of updates, Apple install and run them immediately without leaving any option for further delays. This may seem an inconvenience, but it has its rationale for security: by updating all the equipment at the same time, the possible vulnerabilities are corrected and the risk of suffering an attack is minimized. In this regard, again, point in favor of Mac.

Windows It is by far the most used operating system in the world, with a quota close to 90%, for just 5% of MacOS. This makes Windows It is the main objective of hackers across the globe, which multiplies the probability that their potential vulnerabilities are detected and exploited. Simply for a statistical issue, Windows It is more fragile than MacOS in this regard, so we must give one more point in favor of the Mac against the PC.

When taking a global balance, it seems clear that a Mac is much safer than a PC but both Windows As MacOS they are still operating systems that can present vulnerabilities and put your private data at risk. To prevent this, one of the best options you have at your disposal is the installation of a VPN on Mac or on PC. A VPN will allow you to maintain an encrypted connection at all times, so that your data will be safe even if you connect from unsecured, public or unencrypted networks such as an airport or library. In addition, the VPN will keep your IP anonymous and prevent third parties from tracking your internet browsing.

Complementary to your VPN, it is always essential to install a professional antivirus in both Windows as in MacOS. The increasing number of cyberamenazas makes it necessary to have in our system a forceful response mechanism to keep us protected. You have a wide range of free and paid antivirus to reinforce the security of your PC or Mac, but whatever you choose remember that you must keep it updated at all times so that it can work properly. In the same way, you must also keep your browsers and your operating system updated. Each security update is one less vulnerability on your computer, don't let them pass and install them as soon as they leave!

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